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I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones. —John Cage

As Marianne Williamson says, "In our ability to think about something differently lies the power to make it different." Explore new perspectives with the Great Mystery Online community and experience positive changes in your life and in your world. If you can't participate during the Live sessions, the programs will be Recorded for you to watch at your convenience.

23 February, March 2, 9, 16, 2013
experiential workshop
The Yin and Yang of a Writer's Life
with Jan Phillips

10am Los Angeles • 1pm New York • 6pm London • 7pm Paris

Jan Phillips

This is a six-week online intensive writing workshop that deals with the intuitive, interior creative side and the logical, external marketing side of a writer’s life (the first two sessions have now been recorded). We will cover both the WHY-TO and the HOW-TO of our craft, since it is the fusion of both that leads to creative combustion and commercial success. We'll be joined by guest authors and poets, will have writing prompts every week to warm up, and there’ll be plenty of time during each class for sharing and Q&A.

We will be joined by guest authors and poets, will have writing prompts every week to warm up with, and will create an online salon for sharing our work and giving feedback. There’ll be plenty of time during each class for Q&A and you can submit questions during the week.
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24 February 2013
The Shaman In Stilettos:
Adventures of a Modern Day Woman in a Mystical Tradition

with Anna Hunt
9am Los Angeles • 12pm New York • 5pm London • 6pm Paris

Anna Hunt - The Shaman in Stilettos

The greatest art we can create lies in the act of living itself. Yet none of us have been educated in how to live. We negotiate our way through the world by relying solely on our intellects, frightened of listening to our hearts, ignoring our bodies unless they stop working, and belittling our intuition. Disconnecting from all that we are leads to stress and unhappiness. This situation is worsened by the demands of modern life that lead us to compare ourselves both to others, and to an idealised image of who we should be.

Retreat from the chaos and stress. Take a breather, slow down and learn tried-and-tested spiritual practices that have been around for over 40,000 years to reconnect to your complete, authentic self.
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Wednesday, 27 February 2013
What’s REALLY Going On - And What WE Can Do about it
Return to Sacred Money

with Dr Jude Currivan

12pm Los Angeles • 3pm New York • 8pm London · 9pm Paris

Jude Currivan, PhD

In these monthly interactive online salons, facilitated by Dr Jude Currivan and welcoming guests with a wide range of experiences, we’ll come together as an online community, explore and engage with the great issues of our times and in the context of their and our higher purpose. And crucially we’ll discuss how we can all contribute to their essential transformation in practical, empowering and effective ways.

In our February salon Return to Sacred Money we’ll explore the consciousness of money and our relationship to it. How the ancient system of sacred money that served people and planet has changed drastically and become broken – and crucially how it can be healed and how we can help.
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3 March 2013
Great Mystery online fireside chat

Way of the Toltec: the art of life
Robin Johnson with Mario Mayorga

9am Los Angeles • 12pm New York • 5pm London • 6pm Paris

Mario Gomez Mayorga

What does it mean to live our lives as art? How do we discover what our Soul wants to express in our lifetime?

In this online fireside chat with Toltec initiate Mario Mayorga some of the ideas we will talk about include: The real sense and mission for being alive on this marvellous world, The importance of developing a relationship with Nature, How to clean blockages, heal the past, forgive, open consciousness portals and create with actions a solid platform to establish a profound, conscious and lasting dialogue with the Great Spirit of Life, and How the ancient practices of Pilgrimage and Vision Quest bring one closer to Self.
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