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A New Cycle of Time through the Lens of Soular Astrology

Recently I had a very powerful Soular Astrology reading from Jude Currivan that gave me very deep insights and enabled me to more closely attune and align with the cosmic flow as we make the transition from 2012 to 2013. Her vision for this coming new cycle of time speaks to all of us.

Birth of Venus, detail, Botticelli

Before turning to the astrological influences of the recent 12-21-12 Solstice, I’d like to share my understanding of the powerful effect that Saturn moving into Scorpio from early October is already having and which is likely to continue whilst this planet of manifestation and grounding transits the intense sign of sex, death and regeneration until September 2015.

In Greek mythos, Saturn (or Chronos) was the instigator of the primordial schism between the divine masculine Uranus the Sky god and the divine feminine Gaia the Earth goddess. With his influence now passing into and through Scorpio, perhaps the most potentially transformational sign of the zodiac, his power now supports our collective ability to effectively redeem that rift and help enable the return of the sacred marriage by raising and resolving sexual and gender prejudice and abuse within our psyche, throughout our societies and in the healing of the cosmic relationships within ourselves and with Heaven and Earth.

Saturn in Scorpio is also about our attitude towards death and regeneration and these themes of his transit can presage a much greater honouring and support for the elderly, the rite of passage we call death – and progressively greater recognition that our souls continue beyond the demise of our physical bodies.

Finally our attitudes towards remaining conflicts around the world may achieve peaceful breakthroughs during this nearly three year transit. How much longer can we collectively allow clashes and wars, especially when now, perhaps more than ever before, the victims are not fighters but the civilian populations and especially women and children such as in Syria, Gaza and South Sudan?

Saturn’s influence together with the series of squares between Uranus and Pluto running into 2015 strongly suggests that the road to peace will require authentic honesty and justice and the active presence of compassion – rather than the hitherto hypocrisy, selfishness and deceits that have blighted the chances of resolution to date. The powerful planetary influences into 2015 effectively prohibit the continuation of the unsustainable status quo. It really now is our deeply personal and collective decision whether to come together to co-create a future era of peace and co-operation.

The astrology of the 21st December 2012 powerfully suggests such a point of fateful choice. At 11.12 UT, the timing of the Sun’s solsticial position of 0 degrees of Capricorn, this year he intercepts the so-called Dark Rift near the Galactic Center which the Maya perceive as the cosmic womb of death and regeneration – and hence the significance of this moment.

The most momentous configuration in the astrological chart during the Solstice and influencing its aftermath is a so-called Yod or Finger of God, which looks like a triangular arrowhead and which designates powerfully transformative potential. Here the two base points of the arrowhead are formed from the positions of Pluto the planet of transformation and Saturn the planet of manifestation, with Jupiter the planet of expansion located at the tip of the arrow.

In their current positions, Pluto and Saturn are in what’s known astrologically as being in mutual reception. This means that each planet is in the sign that the other ‘rules’ and so their combined influence is further and mutually strengthened.

Jupiter the planet of expansion is in Gemini, the sign of new ideas and here these especially relate to our philosophical and spiritual beliefs. As the focus of the Yod he receives and enhances the strong energies from Pluto and Saturn for us to embrace and expand an emergent view of the whole-world.

A Yod generally reflects a fateful point of choice; a fork in the road; a tipping point. With these powerful planets, here it depicts an almost unavoidable end to the unsustainable status quo and whilst challenging, an enormous potential for positive breakthrough.

The opportunity of this tipping point moment for collectively ushering in a whole-worldview is enhanced by the position of Neptune, the planet of reality and Chiron the wounded healer in the chart which form a square aspect with Jupiter. Conjunct in Pisces this speaks to a difficult but necessary choice; whether to embrace an expanded vision of reality and the healing of wounds within our collective psyche or to desperately try to hang on and retreat into fear and a likely breakdown.

I see this pivotal moment in our evolutionary journey as embodying huge positive potential, if we choose to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually go with the flow of its requisite change. I believe this time truly embodies a collective choice and shift in our psyche, a tipping point for our evolutionary destiny and the potential for the emergence of a whole-worldview encompassing ourselves, our beloved Gaia and the entire Cosmos.

It is a moment when not only we can, but we must, step into our own personal empowerment as planetary activists and participative citizens of the whole-world.

Each and every one of us came here and now for this purpose. It’s time.

To learn more about Jude's work and to arrange for a private Soular Astrology reading send an email to Jude Currivan or visit her website

Let us join our hearts together as we create a world of beauty.
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Love, from Robin, Annee, Mike and all of us at Great Mystery

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