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Empowering Your Life Through the Art of Shamanic Ceremony
4-Part Online Course
with Gwilda Wiyaka

Every true shaman is a frequency master. For millennia, the shamanic ceremony has enabled the practitioner to consciously use their chakric system to manage matter/frequency at the quantum level.

There are hidden functions of the human endocrine/chakric systems that serve as a link between the individual and the quantum level of life. The mysterious functioning of these systems, forgotten during the ages of less light or luminosity, are once again available. Through the use of shamanic principles the average individual can now access, read, and affect the quantum level, thereby predicting future possibilities and influencing manifestation.

In this 4-Part Course, Gwilda Wiyaka uncovers the hidden function of shamanism as the conscious interaction between the practitioner and the quantum mechanical level and demonstrates how this interaction can be used to empower and support our lives through alignment and cooperation with the laws of nature.

Part 1 | The Science of Magic: Practical Application of Shamanism

In this introduction Gwilda gives a clear overview of the modern day understanding of shamanism and how both the lay person and practitioner can benefit from its application in daily life. This session includes:
The history of shamanism
Common misunderstandings of the shamanic form
Shamanism in the new era
Empowerment though shamanism
An outline of what is covered in the upcoming sessions

Part 2 | Empowered by Nature

This session includes:
The presence of electromagnetic/toroidal fields around the sun, earth and human body
The interaction of these fields and hidden power to be found there
The influence of the seasons, equinoxes, solstices and astrological ages as they apply to shamanic principles
How conscious interaction with these cycles can empower our intent
The greatly increased frequencies/light emerging in the Aquarian age and how this light can unlock human potential
Supporting class materials

Part 3 | The Human Body as a Shamanic Vehicle

This session includes:
The true functioning of the chakric system as related to communication, unification and frequency mastery
The interaction between the chakric systems and the auric/toroidal fields – human to human, human to animal, and human to nature
The interaction between the chakric systems and the auric/toroidal fields of the human with that of our planet and sun
The human endocrine and chakric systems and their evolution in the new era
Supporting class materials

Part 4 | Shamanic Ceremony as a Tool for Conscious Manifestation

This session will instruct the participants in performing the basic shamanic ritual and includes:
Conscious vs. unconscious intent and how to become concise in our objectives and therefore our manifestation
Tools of shamanic ceremony and instructions in their use
Basic altar construction and application
Casting a circle (calling in the directions) in order to establish sacred space and a high frequency container for manifestation
How the altar and casting of a circle aligns our intent with the torodial field of the planet, and the power to be found therein
Ethical and responsible use of ceremony and the shamanic principle
Supporting class materials including a write-up of suggested ceremonies for differing purposes to further your practice and mastery of the skill.

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About Gwilda Wiyaka

Gwilda Wiyaka is one of today's foremost experts on the modern day application of shamanism.

Founder and director of the Path Home Shamanic Arts School, a Colorado state-certified occupational school of the shamanic arts, Gwilda is a shamanic practitioner and teacher as well as a medical intuitive and preceptor for the University of Colorado School of Medicine where she provides instruction to medical doctors on the modern interface between shamanism and allopathic medicine. She holds a B.S. in Psychology, and has studied shamanism for forty years.

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