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The Great Mystery Affiliate Program

Through the Great Mystery Affiliate Program you can receive 33% off all live and online conference registration fees by promoting these life-changing events with transformational leaders — events that support our individual and collective metamorphosis. And it's simple.

All you need to do is “spread the word” through links or banner ads included in your emails, newsletters, Facebook and Twitter promotions, blogs, etc. We provide you with the content and promotional materials.

THIS IS AN EXCITING NEW WAY TO GENERATE ANCILLARY INCOME WHILE SHARING INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM LEADING TEACHERS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE IN A SETTING WITH LIKE–MINDED INDIVIDUALS. The ONLINE conferences are an eco-friendly and affordable way for you and your community to access some of the greatest minds of the 21st century from the comfort of one's own living room.



As an Affiliate you will receive a 33% commission on every sale that comes from your community. The live conference and online course fees range from $99 to $345, and individual online sessions are around $20. With a little promotion on your part this can add up.

On most tours you will receive $200 for each person who signs up through you!


When you register as an Affiliate you will receive a unique URL (a line of code) to link from your website. If you don't have a webpage you can add the link into your emails to all your friends, clients and colleagues, as well as in your Facebook, Twitter, or blog posts and start earning money. Even if you do have a webpage we encourage you to send out email announcements. When your friends click on your link it takes them to our site where they can discover, explore and sign up for any of our participating programs. Once they register, your commissions begin! It’s that easy.

And the system has a memory. If your referral comes back to our site at another time and registers for a qualifying program, you will continue to receive a commission. Even a year or two from now.


Once you are registered as an Affiliate, you will receive a WELCOME LETTER that includes a link to a page where you can check how many clicks your link has received, how many sales and the amount you've earned in commissions. Commissions begin from your first referred sale and PayPal payments are sent out the first week of each month for the previous month's commissions.


Our RESOURCES page is updated from time to time with banners of different sizes to post on your website. If you would like a banner for your site or newsletter, and you do not see it on our page, let us know for which event and the exact size you need and we'll have it created.

We also provide copy on each individual program and you're welcome to take copy from our event websites and newsletters to share with your community.

Talk it up. Tell people about our programs, about the enriching experience they will receive, how much they will enjoy attending - live or virtually, and get them to click on your link. And of course sharing with them your personal experiences from attending our conferences is great, too! We are available to support you with additional information on our programs and presenters to help you communicate to your network.

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For more information contact: Affiliate Info Request

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