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"IT IS WITH GREAT EXCITEMENT AND ANTICIPATION that I contemplate this upcoming pilgrimage to the sacred land of Egypt. As some of you may have heard me speak about, it is time on our planet now to gather together the like-minded and like-hearted to raise the frequency and heart vibration on Mother Earth. Since I was a very young child I was shown by the other side very important places on planet earth-- places that hold a special energy field, that were created to be focal points of human civilization-- places that were not only constructed by human intelligence and human hands but by the hands and minds of ´those from the stars´.

"Egypt is one of those places that I was long ago taught about. There is much I was taught about the beloved temples and statues there etched into mountain walls of red stone; about the Sphinx and its origins and purpose, being the keeper of great knowledge; how the pyramids were not just burial chambers but much, much more-- as keepers of delicate vibrations and octaves of light, energy and sound to sustain life-- not just human life --on planet Earth. Though the meaning of these special places is not yet understood by science or humanity en masse, they hold keys to the higher purpose of human kind, and I believe their true meaning and purpose will soon be revealed to all.

"Egypt is one of the most sacred and beloved locations on this planet. It is the sister location to other linking pyramids in South America and others on other planets. Egypt is magical and mystical and full of vibration and life. I am so excited to experience this place in the physical after being taught so much about it in the spirit realm. My heart is beating with more fervor and more passion just speaking of this place and recalling all of its gifts and promise… What an opportunity this is for not only me but for all those who will attend. Miracles are waiting to happen-- this is a promise!"

With Love,
Little Grandmother

Accompanying Little Grandmother on this Sacred Pilgrimage to the Magical Lands of Egypt will be the expert guide Mohammed Fayed of Guardian Travel and his team of excellent Egyptologists who have worked for many years with expeditions for the Edgar Cayce Association of Research and Enlightenment. They have also been the personal guides for Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, The Grateful Dead, Shirley MacLaine, Ken Kesey, Leo Buscaglia, amongst many other dignitaries and celebrities.

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Egypt + Little Grandmother

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