The Journey
Egypt 2010


Few places on Earth conjure up as much mystery as Egypt, a land brimming with history and sparking flights of spirit and of the imagination. This transformative journey of empowerment draws on the magic of this ancient land as it unlocks some of its energies and reveals some of its mysteries to our group.

Creating context and inspiration for the journey is Christian de la Huerta, author of the forthcoming The Soul of Power. His first book, Coming Out Spiritually, was chosen by Publishers’ Weekly -- the bible of the industry -- as one of the ten best religion books of its year. Christian's writing has also appeared in several national publications and recently in the Good Morning America website’s spirituality page. An internationally recognized speaker, retreat leader, workshop facilitator and spiritual activist for the past 20 years, Christian also works in the area of leadership and communications in the corporate world.

Including ritual, guided meditations, transformational breathwork sessions, and culminating in private time in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, this exciting and unique adventure will surely prove to be a profound catalyst for personal transformation and spiritual evolution.

The Prophets Conference has held Christian de la Huerta in the highest regard for a number of years and it is now our pleasure to present this excellent metaphysical teacher as the leader of our next spiritual expedition to Egypt. Christian will delve deeply with you individuality into the spiritual mysteries of the ancient Egyptians.

Accompanying Christian will be the expert guide Mohammed Fayed of Guardian Travel and his team of excellent Egyptologists who have worked for many years with expeditions for the Edgar Cayce Association of Research and Enlightenment. They have also been the personal guides for Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, The Grateful Dead, Shirley MacLaine, Ken Kesey, Leo Buscaglia, amongst many other dignitaries and celebrities.

Click on the FACULTY link left to learn more about Christian de la Huerta and the LOCATION, TRAVEL, SCHEDULE, and COSTS/REGISTRATION links for additional information about this very special journey.

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