FREDDY SILVA is a writer, photographer, art director, documentary producer and best selling author. He is one of the world's leading experts on sacred sites, ancient systems of knowledge and crop circles. He's a life-long student of Earth Mysteries and a principal researcher into the interaction between temples and consciousness.

He is the best-selling author of Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, hailed by many as the most comprehensive book ever written on this fascinating and multi-disciplinary phenomenon, and has directed the documentaries Stairways To Heaven: The Practical Magic of Sacred Space and Templemaking.
Freddy has appeared in TV documentaries for the History Channel, Discovery Channel, BBC, as well as in numerous video documentaries and has been described as “perhaps the best metaphysical speaker in the world right now.” His new book Common Wealth: Our Legacy Of Places Of Power And The Transfiguration Of The Human Soul is a thrilling and insightful journey exploring the profound influence of ancient temples on the direction of human consciousness.

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A thrilling and insightful journey exploring the origin of sacred sites and an ancient plan to influence the direction of human consciousness.

Watch a 20-minute video with Freddy Silva on the making of Common Wealth

From this link you may also download 60-pages of Common Wealth for free

Get to know and enjoy Freddy Silva with the short video clip linked from this page www.invisibletemple.com/paradise_dvd.html.

Accompanying Freddy Silva will be the expert guide Mohammed Fayed of Guardian Travel and his team of excellent Egyptologists who have worked for many years with expeditions for the Edgar Cayce Association of Research and Enlightenment. They have also been the personal guides for Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, The Grateful Dead, Shirley MacLaine, Ken Kesey, Leo Buscaglia, amongst many other dignitaries and celebrities.

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