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Day 1. Tuesday, January 17. Leave JFK airport in New York, on Egypt Air MS 986 departing from JFK at 18:30 ET (6:30 pm ET). Overnight on plane.
Please note: if you are not traveling from the U.S. or if you are booking your international flights, you need to arrive to Cairo on January 18.


Day 2. Wednesday, January 18. Arrive at Cairo. Guardian Travel’s staff will greet you at the Airport and transport you to the Mena House Hotel, where you will check in to the hotel. Transfer luggage to rooms. Relax, acclimate and meet your fellow travelers. Dinner in the evening.
Overnight Mena House Hotel. (D)


Day 3. Thursday, January 19. Buffet breakfast. Guided tour to Saqqara and Dahsur. Visit the amazing temple complex at Saqqara, home of the oldest pyramid, the step Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser), built for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser by his vizier Imhotep, a talented architect and physician, during the 27th century BC. We will also visit an Old Kingdom tomb that will give some good visual images of how the ancients lived nearly 5000 years ago. The area of northern Egypt between Giza and Dahsur includes a number of fascinating funerary monuments, including tombs, mastabas, temples and pyramids. Together these "pyramid fields" have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Free evening. Enjoy an authentic home hosted Egyptian dinner.
Overnight Mena House Hotel. (BLD)


Day 4. Friday, January 20. Buffet breakfast. Check out of the Mena House Hotel. Visit the famed Egyptian Museum of Cairo. The museum exhibited collection now exceeds 120,000 objects ranging from the pre-history era to the Greco-Roman period. Lunch. After lunch we continue to Old Cairo, the oldest part of Cairo. It is truly a multi-faith area where Jewish, Coptic and Islamic monuments all stand next to one other. The area dates back to 640 A.D. with churches and cathedrals having been built in the 7th century. Fly to Luxor in the evening and check into the hotel.
Overnight Sonesta St. George Luxor Hotel. (BLD)


Day 5. Saturday, January 21. Buffet breakfast. Morning exploration of the magnificent Karnak Temple with its huge hall of pillars. In ancient times this temple was already considered to be one of the world’s miracles. Our guide Mohammed will tell us the story of the secret lake where the Sun boats traveled. In an adjoining temple we encounter the Goddess Sekhmet in the sanctuary where her "living" statue has stood unmolested for 3500 years and open to her strong healing power. Lunch. Free afternoon and evening to your leisure.
Overnight Sonesta St. George Luxor Hotel. (BLD)


Day 6. Sunday, January 22. Buffet breakfast. Morning visit to Abydos, temple of Osiris, to delve deeply into the art of remembering. See the ‘flower of life’ and the most beautiful reliefs in all of Egypt. Lunch en route as we travel through the timeless countryside along the Nile to Dendera, where we will visit the exquisite temple dedicated to Hathor to experience her mysteries of love, laughter and joy. Return to Luxor.
Overnight Sonesta St. George Luxor Hotel. (BLD)


Day 7. Monday, January 23. Buffet breakfast. Check out of the Luxor Hotel. Guided tour to the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut temple. Visit the Necropolis of Thebes on the West Bank of the Nile and explore the tombs of pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings. Check in the Nile Cruise. Lunch. This evening we visit the beautiful Luxor Temple.
Overnight on Nile Cruise.(BLD)


Day 8. Tuesday, January 24 Buffet breakfast. Free day to your leasure on board the Nile cruise. Boat will be sailing. Lunch and dinner onboard.
Overnight on Nile Cruise. (BLD)


Day 9. Wednesday, January 25. Buffet breakfast. In the morning we visit the Edfu temple. Guarding the entrance of the temple are two statues of the god Horus. Horus was originally seen as a god of the sky, whose eyes are the Sun and the Moon. His importance was such that he was equalled with the king. The pharaoh was seen as a human manifestation of the god Horus. Lunch. In the afternoon we will have a guided tour to Kom Ombo temple where we will visit the temple dedicated to both Horus, the hawk and Sobek, the crocodile god.
Overnight on Nile Cruise. (BLD)


Day 10. Thursday, January 26. Buffet breakfast. Guided tour to Isis’s beautiful and serene island temple at Philae. We will visit the unfinished Obelisk at Aswan, thought to be attributed to Queen Hatshepsut. In the afternoon we sail to Elephatine Island by felucca boats. At Elephatine the god Khnum was worshiped as the Creator and he was seen as the guardian of the source of the Nile.
Overnight on Nile Cruise.(BLD)


Day 11. Friday, January 27. Buffet breakfast. Check out of Nile cruise. Fly to Abu Simbel. Visit The Temple of Ramesses II and The Temple of Nefertari dedicated to Hathor. Lunch. Fly to Cairo in the afternoon. Free evening. Dinner in the hotel.
Overnight Mena House Hotel. (BLD)


Day 12. Saturday, January 28. Buffet breakfast. Camel ride. Explore the Temple of Great Pyramid, Sphinx and Giza Plateau. Private time in the Great Pyramid and Sphinx enclosure for our final ceremony. Lunch. Celebration dinner in Le Meridien Pyramids hotel.
Overnight Mena House Hotel. (BLD)


Day 13. Sunday, January 29. Fly back home from Cairo. For those traveling with the group from the US, Depart for New York on Egypt Air MS 985 departing from Cairo at 09:10 am and arrive in JFK at 15:30 ET (3:30 pm). (B)

Please note that BLD stands for (B - Breakfast, L - Lunch, D - Dinner) the meals that are included in the tour.

Also please note that due to the magical and spontaneous nature of these trips the itinerary is subject to change, although all sites listed will be visited.

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