"It may very well be that the deities of Ancient Egypt embody and express the myriad aspects of Nature as archetypal forces that have ‘overseen’ the human experiment from the very beginnings of our long journey across eternity.”
—Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

The Journey

This extraordinary adventure is a step beyond, giving you the opportunity to invoke and move into the wondrous Egyptian inter-dimensional portals with two truly powerful shamanic teachers.

The ancient Mystery Schools were centers of study and mystic initiation in the ancient Western world, where the mysteries of the Universe, of Nature, and of humanity were explored. These “schools” educated students in natural laws and principles so they could better live in harmony with them; encouraged introspection in order to know one’s self; and engendered within a feeling of connection with the Great Mystery of the Universe. On this pilgrimage in Egypt we will explore these ancient mysteries in order to experience the wisdom from this mystical tradition.

As part of this sacred journey you will...
  • Enter the sacred portal of the compassionate warrior-healer lioness goddess Sekhmet at the Temple of Karnak
  • Open to the authentic transpersonal experience of the subtle and causal worlds that we contact in realms hidden
  • Through ceremony expand awareness of the archetypal forces embedded in the land of Ptah
  • Experience authentic initiation during our private ceremony in the Great Pyramid
  • JUST ADDED... an extension to PETRA, including Taba on the Red Sea of Egypt and Aqaba on the Red Sea of Jordan. Click on the LOCATION and SCHEDULE links above for more information.

    Hank Wesselman, has been a regular presenter at The Prophets Conferences throughout the years and has received the very highest accolades. He is a renowned anthropologist and respected author and shamanic practitioner and is a delightful person to be with on this pilgrimage of a lifetime. During the Egypt pilgrimage he will be conducting workshops and guiding shamanic ceremonies invoking the magical within us. Highly versed in the veiled ancient Egyptian mysteries, Hank will help open us to deeper wonder and meaning. Enjoy reading Encounter With Sekhmet by Hank Wesselman.

    Encounters on the Shaman’s Path with anthropologist Hank Wesselman Ph.D.
    Recovering the Lost Light
    An Encounter In Egypt with Isis
    Another Encounter with Sekhmet...in Egypt 2008
    Our Shamanic Journey to Egypt, 2008 Trip review from Dr. Hank
    In the King's Chamber
    Encounter with Sekhmet
    Pre-Dynastic Egypt - Places of The First Time

    The Prophets Conference is working with Guardian Travel, the Egyptian tour operator coordinating the pilgrimage. Guardian Travel is highly recommended by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E), and was a featured tour operator in The New York Times travel section.

    For more information:
    Call (1) 505 796 4023 or (44) 020 8123 5108
    email: adventures @ greatmystery.org