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Exhibitor Registration includes:
  • Two Full Conference Passes
  • For 3-Day events: One 6 or 8 foot Table with cloth, skirting, waste basket and 2 chairs
  • For 2-Day events: One 6 or 8 foot Table and 2 chairs
  • Option for Electricity
  • Discount for registering early
  • Exhibit Space Location is assigned based on space available. You will be notified of your space and sent a plan for the exhibition space as soon as one is available. We reserve the right to jury in exhibitors in order to obtain the best mix for the conference. You will be notified immediately if we cannot accept your booth.

    You may contact us at any time at:

    Thank you for being part of The Prophets Conference. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you as a part of our conference team!

    Register for 2013: DAY 1 · The Prophets Confernce Palm Springs before 14 February 2011 for $832. Beginning 15 February the price will increase to $1040.

    After you have submited payment, complete and return the EXHIBITOR APPLICATION

    Contact Patt O'Neill with any questions at 760 778-6826 or by email at

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    Please read the License Terms & Conditions below prior to submiting your vendor registration.


    2013: DAY 1 · The Prophets Conference Palm Springs
    25-27 February 2011

    Palm Springs Convention Center, California



    1. Definition
    The producer of the Prophets Conference, herein after referred to as the SHOW, is AXIOM, hereinafter referred to as the Show Producer or AXIOM.

    2. Payment and Termination of this Agreement
    All monies paid shall be retained by the AXIOM and are non-refundable and non-transferable in the event Exhibitor fails to fulfill or violates contract or reduces the size of his exhibit or withdraws from the SHOW. If Exhibitor cancels or fails to submit space payments at specified times, AXIOM shall have the right to take possession of said space and lease it to another party.

    3. General Show Policies
    All aisles must be kept clear. Noisy, offensive exhibits are prohibited. Any interviews, demonstrations and distribution of literature or samples must be related to exhibit and limited within Exhibitor’s space. Do not conduct business or loiter near other Exhibitor’s space. All exhibits should be attended during the show hours.

    Sound amplification systems may be used, but must not be offensive to neighboring Exhibitors. Raffles, drawings or contests by Exhibitor must be approved by AXIOM. No food products or beverages may be distributed from Exhibitor’s space without the approval of AXIOM. Assignment or subletting of assigned space by Exhibitor is not permitted without approval of AXIOM for any reason. AXIOM does not guarantee attendance levels, which can be affected by weather, war and many other factors. Past attendance levels may not be indicative of future levels. Exhibitor must comply with all local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances in force. AXIOM shall have sole control over all admission policies at all times. Any list, or partial listing, of Exhibitors or Attendees obtained at this Show will not be sold or traded to any other company or individual. It is for the sole use of the Exhibiting Company whose name appears on this Licensing Agreement. Exhibitors that do not comply with these regulations will not be offered renewal of their space in additional shows.

    4. Exhibit Construction and Guidelines
    Exhibits must be up and running before opening of show, 8 AM, Friday. No part of any exhibit can obstruct the line of view so as to lessen the effectiveness of the show for other Exhibitors. Booth displays cannot exceed 8’ above the floor within the Exhibitors’ booth space, and 4’ from the back wall at the 8’ height, unless pre-approved by AXIOM. No part of any exhibit can protrude into the aisles. Exhibitor must cover all unsightly surfaces at his own expense. The Exhibitor may not display signs that are not professionally prepared or, in the opinion of AXIOM, detract from the appearance of the Show in any manner whatsoever. No exhibits can be dismantled until the end of the show, Sunday. Carpeting and other extras are the Exhibitor’s responsibility.

    5. Rejection of Applicants and Exhibitors
    AXIOM reserves the right to reject any applicant for space at any time and reserves the right to regain possession of any space by refunding to the Applicant or Exhibitor the amount paid for the space.

    6. Changes in Booth Location
    The Exhibitors are not to change location after assignment, unless pre-approved by AXIOM. Show Producer reserves the right to make changes to the floor plan as it deems necessary.

    7. Liability and Insurance Waiver
    The Exhibitor agrees to make no claim for any reason whatsoever except as to damage caused by or resulting from the sole negligence or willful misconduct of the exculpated parties, their agents or employees, against AXIOM and/or Show Sponsor, and the City and/or State where Show was held, for loss, theft, damage or destruction of goods, nor for any injury to himself or employees while Show is in progress, being set up or taken down. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless AXIOM, Show Sponsor and the building where the Show is held, and their employees, against any and all claims of any person, arising out of acts, omissions or negligence of Exhibitors, its agents, or employees. AXIOM is not an insurer of Exhibitor’s business performance, success, attendance levels or Exhibitor’s property and at all times Exhibitor is required to carry insurance, covering trade shows and fairs, which insures their goods and exhibits against loss Liability and damage. Furthermore, the Exhibitors agree to indemnify and hold harmless AXIOM and its employees against any and all claims arising out of acts of the Exhibitor and/or his representatives, or out of activities within the Exhibitor booth area. Exhibitors are responsible for damage they cause to the facility walls, ceiling and floors, including labor charges to remove stains or adhesives. Exhibitors will be billed for such damage with the dollar amount determined by the facility.

    8. Copyrights
    Exhibitor hereby assumes all costs and expenses arising from Exhibitor’s or Exhibitor’s agents’ or employees’ incorporation or use during the event of any music, written material, dramatic rights, inventions or devices that are the subject of any copyright, trademark, trade name, patent, franchise or other contractual or statutory protection. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless AXIOM and its directors, officers and employees from any claims, damages, costs or expenses, including legal fees, which might arise out of or in connection with, each incorporation or use.

    9. Termination of the Show
    If AXIOM, in its sole judgment, determines that the premises where the Show is to be held have become unfit for occupancy, or if the premises are materially interfered with by reason of strike, embargo, injunction, act of war, act of God, any other emergency, or any act or event not the fault of AXIOM, then AXIOM may terminate the Agreement. In the event of such termination, the Exhibitor waives any and all damages and agrees that AXIOM may, after deducting all costs and expenses, including a reserve for claims, refund to the Exhibitor as and for complete settlement and discharge of said Exhibitor’s claims and demands, his pro rata amount of all monies paid by all Exhibitors.

    10. Exhibitor Due Diligence
    AXIOM makes no representation concerning any Sponsor or Exhibitor nor its products or services and the admission to the Show of any Sponsor or Exhibitor constitutes neither an endorsement, recommendation nor representation by AXIOM of any Exhibitor or Sponsor or its products or services. AXIOM has not and will not undertake or perform any “due diligence” function as to any Sponsor or Exhibitor or its products or services and each Exhibitor or Sponsor agrees to display only services and products which have economic viability and that fully comply with applicable law, regulations and professional standards.