"The implications of a realization that we are "surrounded by a cloud of witnesses"
are enormous and incredibly hopeful for the world at large.”
--Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D.

The Conference

Bringing together scientists, spiritual teachers, and experts, Orbs: Interacting with Other Realms Prophets Conference Glastonbury, is the first in-depth pioneering event in Britain to address and explore the Orb phenomenon. What are these Orbs? What does the presence of Orbs mean, and how do we experience them for ourselves? Through the lenses of science, skepticism, and first-hand experience, Orbs: Interacting with Other Realms opens the conversation by addressing questions about the possibilities of what exists in the unseen. Participants are then invited to draw their own conclusions and to explore their own first-hand experiences.

Attend the British Premiere of two film screenings, "Orbs: The Veil Is Lifting" which features interesting interviews and excellent footage of orbs, and "Orbs: Clues to a More Exciting Universe" the new release from Miceal Ledwith.

In addition to the rich individual speaker presentations there are two conversational dialogues, one between Freddy Silva and Daniel Pinchbeck exploring the interdimensional nature of crop circles, and one between Diana Cooper and Miceal Ledwith exploring the interdimensional nature of orbs and angels and how they might be connected.

On Saturday night John Pickering and Katie Hall (authors of Beyond Photography) will lead us in an "Orb Quest" where we will go out as a group under the night sky and photograph orbs. It is amazing what happens with the group intent!

Also included in the conference are mini-presentations from five individuals from South Africa, North America, and Britain who will be sharing their photos and stories. One of these will be from a medical doctor who will talk about his experience of orbs while he works with horses in the healing process.

The original tour sold-out almost immediately and the second tour that was added is now also sold-out. However, space is still available in the conference. You may attend the full 3-day weekend or just come for a day or just for an individual presentation. Single presentation tickets will be available at the door and depending on the presentation are £5, £10, or £15. See the Costs/Registration page for detailed information.

The awareness of orbs is new for most of us and by coming together we come to a deeper understanding, not only of orbs, but of the multi-dimensional nature of our selves and our universe.

Writings from the Conference Faculty
How Beings from Another Dimension are Helping Transform Human Consciousness by William Bloom
The Presencing of The Other by Daniel Pinchbeck
Our Cosmic Destiny by Jude Currivan, Ph.D.
Notes From The Road by John Pickering & Katie Hall
Elementals and A Feeling of Magic by Diana Cooper
Signs of Life: An Introduction by Freddy Silva
Orbs and Circles in Hawaii by Cody Johnson
Orb phenomenon: Not So ‘Out There’ Anymore an interview with Miceal Ledwith
Are We Only An Ant Hill At The Side Of The Cosmic Expressway? by Cody Johnson
Enabling Spiritual Gifts and Psychic Potential by Diana Cooper
Orbs, Crop Circles and Sacred Sites: The Manifestation of Soul by Freddy Silva

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