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Prophets conference in Glastonbury

“While it is conceivable that 2012 may see some sudden quantum shift in human consciousness or an alien landing on the White House lawn, it is also possible that we have a much longer struggle ahead of us. In that case, the end of the Long Count may still be significant as the hinge of a transition in our species’ awareness. An ever-growing segment of humanity is becoming conscious of the culture of domination that has degraded the biosphere, annihilated local cultures, and locked us in a prison of constricted awareness. As more and more of us realize this, we will unify our intention to undertake the difficult work of superseding it.”
—Daniel Pinchbeck

At this powerful event in Glastonbury, England, taking place on the land of the ancient Druids, you will learn of the changing planetary cycle and how it could impact you; the disclosure of alien visitation; and the Native American prophetic teachings. Bringing together researchers, visionaries, and indigenous perspectives, The Prophets Conference Glastonbury 2013: Day 1 will be a combination of conference presentations, social gatherings, ceremony, and indepth experiential workshops with like minded individuals that will help us navigate this critical time we are in and imagine the world we want to see manifest. (Click on the links at the top of this page for more detailed information.)

Following the conference will be a magical mystery tour to some of the ancient sacred sites where we will attune to the energy of the land and the antediluvian temples. Here we will engage in reflection and ceremony. You will return home to teach others of this special time of change. On our last visit, the Shining Ones (Orbs) filled the evenings and gave us many otherworldly displays to impact our sub-conscious minds with truths well beyond our every day understanding. Many people have found The Prophets Conferences to be life changing events.

Faculty writings...
Soil, Soul and Society by Satish Kumar
The Upgrading Of Humanity by Geoff Stray
The Shift from Mind to Heart Consciousness by Little Grandmother
Awakening to the Mystery by Christine Page, M.D.
Why is 2012 so important? by Diana Cooper
Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca: Parallel Realms by Graham Hancock
For Love of Mother Earth: The Great Shifting by Kiesha Crowther "Little Grandmother"
Transmuting into the Next Age by Daniel Pinchbeck
Indigenous Prophecies leading to 2012 by Geoff Stray
Visionary Daniel Pinchbeck on 2013 DAY 1
The Profound Influence of Ancient Temples on the Direction of Human Consciousness by Freddy Silva
A Revolution of Thought Is Under Way by Graham Hancock

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