"If there’s a core belief in the Goddess religion, it’s this: that each of us is part of the web of life, and precious,
bringing our own unique gifts to the world. We don’t ask people to believe in things, not even the Goddess who is simply
our term for the great creative mystery that weaves the world. But we do ask people to believe in yourself, in your own deep work, in your sacred purpose. You are here for a reason.”

The Journey

The tiny island trinity of Malta and its two companions Gozo and Comino, lying in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, have been a cross roads of people and ideas for at least six thousand years. The spiritual and cultural imprints of Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines amongst many others have created a rich tapestry of history for us to explore. And in the sixteenth century Malta became the headquarters of the Knights of St John weaving another important thread, through their connections with the Holy Land and the Knights Templar.

But the most magnificent monuments to Malta’s millennia long story, are the most ancient and most mysterious – a mighty collection of megalithic temples that have stood against the ravages of time. Aligned to the Sun and Moon archaeologists currently assume that they were constructed in the early Neolithic period around five and a half thousand years ago. But there is no real archaeological evidence to sustain this view and intriguing pointers from their astronomical alignments and recent underwater discoveries that these monolithic temples may be much, much older.

For the rising of sea levels following the end of the last Ice Age around 13,000 years ago caused Malta and its companions to become islands and before that they were upland areas of an extensive land bridge that connected them to Sicily and Italy to the north. In the coastal waters around the islands there have been exciting discoveries of what may be the ruins of other temples, now underwater.

During our sacred journey we will delve deeply into these ancient mysteries and explore our hidden heritage that is now being revealed in these momentous times. We will experience the presence of both the divine feminine and masculine in places of power that continue to revere their cosmic partnership. And through their energetic balance we will invite the co-creative presence of the divine child to be energetically embodied within ourselves.

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