The Journey
Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness with Llyn Roberts


"This trip with Llyn was life changing. From the powerful and haunting fire ceremony accompanied by flutes and thousands of glistening stars in the jungles of Tikal to the serenity of Lake Atitlan surrounded by beautiful volcanoes—the energy of this amazing journey I will hold in my heart forever."
—Cyd Moore, USA (2010 Shapeshifting journey)

"People are waking up to spirit, nature, and acting to preserve local and planetary biology. For support, many look to traditional and shamanic world-views that revere the untamed world and the feminine."
—Llyn Roberts

SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER AND BEST-SELLING AUTHOR LLYN ROBERTS, M.A., will guide us on an amazing journey to the ancient sites of Tikal, Antigua, Chichicastenango, Iximche, and Lake Atitlan. Working with local indigenous Elders and shamans we will use ancient shapeshifting approaches to propel to higher states of consciousness - and to experience how expanding our own awareness can help us transform not only ourselves, but the world around us.

We are living within the time that all great prophets and indigenous prophecies have pointed to, the 15 year window that began in 1998, and completes the Maya Calendar in 2012. Although this period is fraught with calamity and uncertainty, it is believed that a momentous and wonderful evolution is occurring within the human race, and thus for the Earth. Medicine women and men from diverse cultures have, for over 1000 years, known that the time would come for them to share long-held secret teachings, prophecies and sacred ceremonies with humanity. Many such elders and shamans from around the world have taught Llyn Roberts that all life is energy and that new forms become possible by altering energy patterns on both individual and global levels.

The ancient Maya were known as masters of the subtle energies. The Maya lands, waters, the visible as well as the submerged sacred and ancient vortex temples and sites, and the ancestral energies of the Maya themselves, their spirit guides and culture - support tremendous wisdom, enhancing our ability to delve deeply and to apply intention and energy to shapeshift ourselves and our global community. We will discover that the ability to create positive change in ourselves and in the world around us is innate to us all. These shifts of consciousness usher in new portals of understanding and open new possibilities for living.

This is a journey of deep inspiration, ideal for all who are interested in both global and personal transformation.

all photos on this site by Lorenzo Colucci from Shapeshifting journey 2010

COME JOIN US — OPEN TO ENERGIES both past and present, of magically created stone formations, the stars, spirits and the earth. Experience the transformational energy emitted from the sites and ceremonies; absorb encoded information beyond the mind. Learn about your personal role in precipice times of change - and explore the interweave of global and individual goals. Meet with shamans and wise elders who share their stories, fire ceremonies, their interpretations of the 2012 prophecies and perspectives of current imbalances of lands, communities and waters. Work with shamans and deities at the shore of one of the world's Seven Sacred Lakes, Lake Atitlan, and spend five magical days investigating the jungle and archeological ruins of Tikal, focusing Shapeshifting practices at sites dating back to 800 B.C. - to open inner forces of healing and wakefulness.

We will share a deeply unconditional, life changing and loving time together, visit colorful indigenous markets, roam the streets of beautiful Antigua - where colonial Spanish meets Mayan American - watch volcanoes explode and feel held by the sacred presence of these volcanoes whose eruptions are visible throughout the journey, feel the winds of the great vortex that emit from the cauldron of an extinct volcano that is now a bottomless lake and located those areas noted as the secret inter-dimensional passageways by shamanic elders, stay in wonderful haciendas and hotels and celebrate delicious local foods and brew with the Mayas themselves. We will have great fun!

The prophecies of transformation, of huge personal and global shapeshifts, are being realized. Together, let us open our hearts and bodies and consciously step into them. The time is now.

Llyn Roberts "Evolution of Shamanism"

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