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ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE — Our journey in Guatemala begins and ends in Guatemala and your flight arrival and departure will be from Guatemala City La Aurora International Airport (GUA). The airport is about 16 miles (25km) from Antigua.

The primary airlines that operate flights to Guatemala City Airport include Spirit Airlines, Mexicana, Cubana, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Interjet, Delta Air Lines and Iberia. Check with your travel agent, or check online with,,, etc. for the most convenient flights from your home.


Posada Don Rodrigo Antigua Hotel in Antigua
Posada Don Rodrigo Panajachel Hotel in Lake Atitlan
Tikal Inn in the Tikal Archaeological Park
If circumstances require us to change the hotel, we will change to one of comparable quality.

Relaxing at the Tikal Inn
all photos on this site by Lorenzo Colucci from Shapeshifting journey 2010


Visa: USA citizens need to have a passport, but no visa requirements for up to three month visits. Same visa requirement will apply for the visitors coming from UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. For more information on Guatemala visa requirements, please contact the appropriate embassy in your country. You may also check with...
*   USA citizens: TRAVISA USA

Passport: You must have a valid passport. It is important to take a photocopy of your passport with you in case the original one gets lost.


A journey of this nature is a financial investment. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all participants obtain short-term travelers insurance covering baggage, accident/life and trip cancellation. Trip cancellation insurance covers your losses on nonrefundable air and land costs on trips cancelled due to personal or family illnesses or unforeseen documented emergencies. It also covers the cost of emergency evacuation from remote areas. Insurance is handled by independent companies, not by One way to research travel insurance policies is through this website:


Guatemala's climate is lovely year round and makes travel possible at any time. The rainy season is generally from May to November. Climate variations are due to altitude, but it is generally hot throughout the country. The north has a hot, tropical climate with maximum rainfall between May and September. The coastal regions and north east are hot, with a dry (November to April) and rainy season, with temperatures averaging 68°F (20°C). The highlands, including Guatemala City and Antigua, have a pleasant climate with less rainfall than the coast, and cold temperatures at night.


Ideal Clothing & Footwear: Comfortable walking shoes with a non-slip sole are essential here - some of the buildings are steep and high. Strong climbing shoes if you plan to ascend the pyramids for the great views they offer. Dress for hot, humid weather. Tikal is in the middle of the jungle so dress using clothes made from light, natural fibers (e.g. cotton); sun screen is an essential accessory; insect repellent is a good idea; a hat and plenty of drinking water.


The official currency is the Quetzal (GTQ) divided into 100 centavos. In 2001 the US Dollar became the second official currency alongside the Quetzal and both are accepted. Travellers cheques and major credit cards are accepted, though some more than others. It is recommended to take travellers cheques in US dollars. Cash exchange is easier, but more risky. Visitors are not advised to exchange money at the informal booths on the street. There are ATMs in the towns and cities, which accept American Express and Visa. MasterCard and Diners Club have a more limited acceptance.


Electrical current is 110 volts, 60Hz. A variety of plugs are in use including the flat two-pin, flat three-pin and the UK-style three-pin.


The official language is Spanish but English is understood in hotels and tourist destinations. Many indigenous languages are also spoken.


Guatemala is on USA Central Standard Time, or GMT -6.

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