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What others have to say about The Prophets Conference

Robin and Cody Johnson
Co-founders, The Prophets Conference

Over the years we have received wonderful feedback from conference attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. A few of them are linked from here to give you a sense of the impact The Prophets Conference has had and what you will experience when you attend one of our events.

Author Tom Robbins, shortly after the release of his book, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, said we are the gypsy campus of Timbuktu U..

.......from Larry Dossey, M.D.
"You are already legendary in the conference world and you are known for immense integrity."

Dear Robin & Cody,
It's been great, a truly enriching experience, knowing you and participating in the Prophets Conferences. I look forward to further adventures with you.
Go well, be well, and
Vaya con Dios,

.......from Dr. Eric Pearl
Thank you both for a wonderful weekend in Boulder. Im still receiving emails and comments about it! I look forward to seeing you in Puerto Vallarta. Please let me know if you have any other events youd like us to do together and thank you for putting on such wonderful events!

.......from Gregg Braden
Dear Cody and Robin,
Sedona was great, and, although every one of our conferences have been exceptional, for me it was one of the best! Many thanks to you both for all of your vision, dedication and the plain ole' fashioned hard work that goes into putting such an event together. You do it so very well! I feel very aligned with the intent of your work.
much love to you both and many blessings,

Comments and reflections from participants over the years...

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