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Conference Participants
Poets, Mystics, Magicians

The Prophets Conference Santa Fe
2000 and 2002

The Prophets Conference was a feast for my mind, body and spirit and inspired me to explore the realms of my own consciousness. The diversity of ideas from both faculty and attendees, the cutting edge research and ideas being shared, and the deep connections I made with others and in myself made the experience extremely fulfilling and worthwhile. The conference was one of the most intensive learning experiences one can have in three days, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to expand their awareness of life.
Denise Hontiveros, San Francisco, CA

I attended the conference in Santa Fe and I must say the conference was one of the most satisfying experiences I have had in years, deeply gratifying to be in the presence of such an extraordinary group of people. My gratitude to your organization and all those who take part is boundless.
Thank You,Laura Lee
The Laura Lee Show - www.lauralee.com

Robin & Cody,
I just wanted to thank you with much aloha, for inviting me to be a part of the Conference in Santa Fe. It was really quite moving and rewarding to see firsthand what you are up to, and to see more than what can be conveyed on acetate-(the few tapes that I've listened to from the sets you've had us work on). You really DO create a field and a community, an offering-- which is so valuable and rich to be immersed in. I felt very blessed and open in following the energy of the gathering.
So again, many thanks for including me.
Seth Friedman, Desert Sound Medicine, Santa Fe

"During the Prophets Conference, I feel that while attending Tom Robbins’ talk, I was in the presence of a True human being... a Real human being (for a change). Thanks Tom."
Billy Mallery, Hollywood Hills, CA

The amazing presenters and their messages of hope and greater understanding and the many wonderful new friends I found in Santa Fe made the Prophets Conference one of the most moving experiences of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Hugh Berry, Santa Fe, NM

The Santa Fe Prophets Conference was magical and I was impressed by the quality with which the majority of speakers carefully designed and delivered their messages. One thirsts for real information, but never so much as now. There is a lot of work to be done, and it requires the alchemical blend of intelligence, vision, sincerity, integrity, and a sense of humor, which fortunately, many of the speakers possessed.
Victoria Castle, La Habra Heights, CA

I enjoyed the Prophets Conference at Santa Fe tremendously. When I returned from it, one of my friends told me I looked 100% better. I learned so much and processed so much during the conference that it actually showed. Isn't that wonderful? I could feel the energy exchange as I was processing.
Deborah Oakes, Tahlequah, OK

The conference was amazing, the presenters were amazing and I came back hopeful. I want this hope to last.
Pituka Heilbron, Panama

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