2013: Day 1
Glastonbury, England
Indepth Workshop ยท 4 July 2011

Christine Page, M.D.
Living On The Edge Of Chaos...while remaining sane

Life seems to be moving faster than ever with the "stage" changing daily both at home and around the world, creating the feeling we are living on the edge of chaos unsure of which structures will survive and which will be swept away in the next wave of consciousness.

And yet this place between structure and chaos is a powerful place of growth and transformation. Here intentionality can become highly focused allowing all energy to be used to create our reality from the deepest part of our being, benefiting all concerned.

This seminar aims to reveal how to safely surf the waves, knowing when to float gently in the ocean of unlimited possibilities and when to stand firm on the shore of certainty. We will explore belief patterns and fears which anchor us to the past, safe ways to enter unknown territory and finally ways to create a world for ourselves and those we love which surpasses anything experienced before.




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