2013: Day 1
Palm Springs, California
Indepth Workshop · 28 February 2011

Steve Bhaerman
Wake Up Laughing, Wise Up Loving
An Enlightening and Inspiring Playshop

In these times of great upheaval – not to mention “downheaval” – we are nourished by love and laughter. This heart-opening and mind-expanding playshop led by Steve Bhaerman will help you wake up laughing and wise up loving.

You may know of Steve’s work in the guise of Swami Beyondananda. For nearly 25 years, the Swami has been a fount of comedy disguised as wisdom – or is it wisdom disguised as comedy? Noted author Marianne Williamson has called him “the Mark Twain of our generation” because the comedy isn’t just hilariously funny, but also offers sharp social commentary and spiritual perspective.

However, there’s another side to Swami. His alter ego Steve Bhaerman recently completed a book with cellular biologist Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) that offers a truly heartening view of our evolutionary future based both on modern science and ancient wisdom. The book, Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here, has been called “world-changing” both by spiritual luminary Deepak Chopra and political commentator Thom Hartmann.

Here’s some of what you will learn in this interactive playshop:
  • How to use the power of humor to gain relief, release, perspective and creative insight.
  • How to tap the universal harmonic of love and create what the Swami calls “om field advantage.”
  • How to weave your mission, vision, gifts and talents into the “web of mass-construction” as the evolutionary new world emerges.

  • Wake Up Laughing, Wise Up Loving will offer both the perspective and the tools to navigate these evolutionary times. Not only will you get an encouraging take on what would appear to be discouraging news worldwide, you will help develop some key inner resources to help you be a beacon for yourself and others during challenging times. You’ll laugh while you learn, and learn while you laugh!




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