2013: Day 1
Palm Springs, California
Indepth Workshop · 1 March 2011

Flordemayo’s Journey of the Sacred Bath

“Many people already have an awareness of this, but bathing is not just the way the western mind thinks of soap and water, it is how we think of working with the herbs. As humans, we are energetically, children of all cultures and it is important to find a way of stepping into a natural ritual. In other words, find something that your body calls for, and step into YOUR natural way of ritual. This is not necessarily what everybody else is doing. As children of the cosmos we all have a sense of knowing, yet to deepen that knowing, we have to be in silence to determine what we need.

In the beginning when we are taught about baths, whether they be baths of preparation for a mystical journey or bringing light forth, or giving birth to a child, or when we are departing from our physical bodies, Sacred Baths are a way of empowerment, a way to know yourself and to cleanse all of your bodies; physical, etheric, emotional. For me they are the first steps of becoming self-empowered. In this intensive, I will share with you stories from my life and ways to utilize sacred baths in your life. Please bring a 3 ounce container to the intensive.”




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