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A novel of fantasy and adventure by Graham Hancock

Dear friends,

As a writer I hope Iím constantly learning and developing and challenging myself. For many years Iíve focussed on big non-fiction books (investigations of historical mysteries like Fingerprints of the Gods, Heavenís Mirror, Keeper of Genesis, Supernatural, etc).

Iím emailing you now to tell you about a new direction my writing has taken.

My first novel, Entangled, has just been published in the UK by Century (Random House). Here is a 40-second video trailer for the book, and hereís the publisherís blurb from the inside jacket flap:

"Time is not what it seems...

When a drug overdose causes Leoni, a troubled teen from twenty-first-century Los Angeles, to have a near-death experience, her soul is lifted from the modern world and flung into a parallel time 24,000 years in the past. There her fate becomes entangled with that of Ria, a young Stone Age woman fighting for her life against the ferocious Illimani, an army of evil led by the vicious Sulpa, a powerful demon determined to destroy humanity.

As the invaders annihilate Ria's people, inflicting torture and human sacrifice, Sulpa moves ever closer to his ultimate goal: to manifest physically in the twenty-first century and condemn all of mankind to perpetual slavery. The hour is late and any chance of stopping him seems lost. But there is still hope, if Leoni and Ria can rise to the challenge fate has set them. Uniting outside the flow of earth time, they must venture forth into regions of wonder, master their own deepest fears, and fight battles they could never have prepared for, if Sulpa is to be defeated..."

In short Entangled tells the story of a cosmic battle of good against evil fought out on the human plane. And although the plot is driven by almost continuous non-stop action it gets into some big mysteries along the way Ė near-death and out-of-body experiences, visits to parallel realms in altered states of consciousness, Ayahuasca and DMT as vehicles for such visits, quantum physics and the nature of reality, time travel, and much more.

The 4 opening chapters are available to be read here, and for those interested in spreading the word about Entangled, instructions on how to do so can be found here. There is also a pack of information on the science behind Entangled here.

Here is the link to ENTANGLED at Amazon.co.uk. At todayís rate of exchange, with the British pound low, the Amazon price of UK£12.99 for the hardback book is equivalent to around US$20 (plus of course postage and packaging).

If eventually you choose to buy a copy of Entangled, Iíll be very pleased to show my appreciation by sending you a signed and dedicated bookplate which could be affixed to one of the preliminary pages. No proof of purchase will be required for this -- honour system please! Just send a stamped self-addressed envelope to:
     OFFICE 131,
     BATH BA1 2FJ

and I'll return it to you with a signed and dedicated bookplate If you live outside the UK this may be more complicated, but drop me an email me and weíll discuss what to do. My email address: hancock.graham1@googlemail.com

I hope you enjoy.

Very best wishes,
Graham Hancock


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