The Great Rethinking / Prophets Conference Sacred Journey to Malta: Awakening to the Great Creative Mystery in the Heart of the Mediterranean with Jude Currivan, Ph.D., is taking place 22-28 May 2009.
Here we will restore the sacred marriage within ourselves as we engage in ceremonies at the ancient sites. The antediluvian partnership culture on Malta pre-dates the pyramids of Egypt and the standing stones of Stonehenge — possibly the oldest sacred site on the planet — and holds wisdom for us that we need in our present time.

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Mnajdra Temples, Malta

Five millennia ago the ancient people of Malta — women and men — came together in the sacred precincts of their temples to revere the glory of the Cosmos and the fertility of the Earth. They venerated the coming together of the divine feminine and masculine in a sacred marriage through which cosmic harmony was celebrated and energized and so through which all abundance could flow.

The many statues small and large they left behind when their culture mysteriously vanished around 2300 BC are testament to their understanding of divine relationship. Once thought to represent the Mother Goddess, many of these are now understood to be androgynous — symbolizing the merging of female and male attributes.

The other ancient cultures of Egypt, Sumer, India and China also honored the sacred marriage and the balancing of these cosmic archetypes. They too realized that only through their authentic real-ationship could health and harmony on both metaphysical and physical levels be sustained.

Sacred Marriage by Kat McIver

The harmony of those earliest times though was not to last.

Whilst then small scale violence did exist, communities were generally peaceful and warfare was rare. The ancient myths describe the coming of war as beginning with a dispute between brothers. Symbolically and literally the aggression unleashed by this schism of the bloodline, profoundly wounded the masculine psyche. A wounding, that millennia of brother fighting brother — eventually spreading to the entire global brotherhood of man — has progressively deepened.

Over the years, the voice and wisdom of the sacred feminine has gone unheeded in the clamor of ‘might is right.’ Aggression has not just been expressed through war between men but ultimately between humanity and the Earth that has brought us to the edge of a global breakdown.

If we are to redeem ourselves and transform the potential breakdown into a transformational breakthrough, at the heart of our collective Shift of consciousness is the healing of the metaphysical wound in the masculine psyche of humanity and the restoration and consummation of the sacred marriage.

During our sacred journey to Malta, and within its temples we will be offered the opportunity to re-connect with the well-spring of this ancient wisdom. As we energize the healing of the wounded masculine we can then reconcile and restore the sacred marriage within ourselves. And so our collective schism between each other and the Earth that on the physical surface may have appeared intransigent is also energized in support of its journey of healing, reconciliation and peace.

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