The following is an excerpt from John Perkins's upcoming book (publication date: Feb 2010; title: to be determined). It takes up where his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man left off, telling the true story of his personal shapeshift from economic hit man to an activist dedicated to creating a sustainable, just, and peaceful world for sentient beings everywhere. To change his life, John went to the Mayan lands, the very places where he and Llyn Roberts will take us on the December 2009 trip they are leading. Like him, we will visit the pyramids, (in his words) "feel the power of the land, participate in sacred ceremonies, and connect with ancient spirits." This is a special trip for people who want to understand, explore, and realize their life missions and who want to heal themselves and the global community.

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Mayan Jaguar

The great stone pyramid that rose out of the Yucatan jungle had been mistaken for a volcano by nineteenth century explorers who saw it from afar long before the vines and trees were excavated from its surface. But it was designed and built by people, not nature, every stone chiseled and laid by the hands of crafted artisans. Now, partially restored by archeology teams, it stood proud, a monument to human ingenuity. It had defied hurricanes that swept across the Gulf of Mexico and survived the ravages of grave robbers who hacked away at it for more than a century. Perched atop its summit, a magnificent stone jaguar had vanquished the assaults of both nature and man, proof – some said – that it was a magical talisman guarded by an ancient god.

This pyramid was one of many birthed by a civilization of shapeshifters who drained the swamps and constructed massive island-like platforms out of the marshes. They had transformed the Yucatan from an inhospitable jungle into a land of agricultural bounty, magnificent cities, and splendid architectural masterpieces. Their temples rivaled those on the Acropolis and along the Nile. Their calendars were more precise than the one we use today. They formulated a language that plumbed the depths of science and they developed a complex system of mathematics.

Then these magicians performed one of the most mystifying acts in human history, an event that has baffled anthropologists, archaeologists, philosophers, and poets ever since.

These people who had converted a tangled jungle into a sophisticated, urbanized civilization suddenly transported themselves back to the time of their ancestors. The Maya abandoned their cities and returned to the forests.

I had traveled here to feel the power of the land, participate in sacred ceremonies, and connect with ancient spirits, ones I knew could help me better understand my true mission in life and guide me onto the path for realizing it.

Sculptures with jaguar headdresses on Mayan temple

A NOTE FROM JOHN PERKINS:   On our Shamanic Journey to Mayaland: Shapeshifting A New World
Llyn Roberts and I will take you to the amazing sites that have been so important to the Mayas and to us personally, including Palenque, Tikal, Antiqua, and Lake Atitlan. You will learn to use powerful shamanic shapeshifting approaches and you will soar to higher states of consciousness. Together we will expand our awareness and transform ourselves, each other, and the world we live in and will pass on to future generations. I personally can not wait to share this incredible ancient process with you -- a process that according to the Mayan prophecies takes on new relevance in these last years before 2012.

To find out more about the Shamanic Journey to Mayaland: Shapeshifting a New World with John Perkins and Llyn Roberts, full details are available at

The Mayan Shapeshifter by
John Perkins

New York Times Bestselling Author of
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
The Secret History of the American Empire
The World Is As You Dream It
The Stress-Free Habit
Spirit of the Shuar

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