PART 2 of Another Encounter with Sekhmet ... in Egypt
with anthropologist Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

For PART 1 go to www.greatmystery.org/nl/egypt09sekhmet.html

Black granite statues of Sekhmet from Karnak, Egypt, 18th Dynasty, circa 1360 BCE
Courtesy of the British Museum


On this day, I had made a special request that our group be allowed to have ‘personal time’ with this deity, six or eight at a time (we were more than 30 and the room is small). I was the first one to enter with Jill at my side.

As before it took my eyes several moments to adjust to the darkness, illumined only by that small hole in the ceiling. As Sekhmet materialized, I was absolutely thunderstruck by the power of her presence. It was like a punch in the stomach. I ceased to breathe for long moments, and then as I sucked in air, I suddenly felt her amusement once again.

I wasn’t sure if she remembered me, so I stood before her for long moments, my arms outstretched with palms offered toward her, and I bowed. Then I straightened, accessed the high-frequency brainwave states that I use in doing shamanic work and addressed my prayer to her. I reintroduced myself, giving her an account of my previous visit and reminding her of her invitation to return.

I expressed my gratitude for all those times when she had come to be of service during healing rituals, including those intervals when she had actually come into my body and possessed me. With those memories, the atmosphere in the small shrine seemed to thicken and the blood started to hiss in my ears—a sure sign of power augmentation… and I began to shake.

As before, I felt her presence, her conscious awareness, come into my mind. Her greeting in return was palpable, warm and friendly. As the connection deepened, it verged upon affection.

As my body continued to shake in response to those enormous soaring sensations that began to suffuse me, I managed to raise my hands in the Egyptian gesture of reverence and I breathed into her face, sharing my breath with her in the same manner that she had done with me before. Four times I did this, exhaling completely with a throaty HAAAAAAA… while looking directly into her eyes.

And with each intake of breath, I was aware that her lion breath was flowing into my lungs in return… We were sharing the breath in the same way that the Polynesians share theirs’, their foreheads and noses pressed together in what the Hawaiians call ‘the honi.’

Finally, I managed to step aside so that Jill in turn could address her directly. I turned then and surveyed our companions. The six or so of our travel group who had entered with us seemed stunned into silence. The whole effect was like swimming in deep water, everyone moving in slow-mo, as though a spell had been cast upon us all, yet curiously we could all still breathe. Then when Jill stepped back, they too shuffled forward to offer their prayers.

As they turned as a group to leave so that the next group could enter the small room, I turned to leave with them. It was then that the voice appeared in my mind…”You are to stay.”

So I remained to one side of the goddess as all the members of our travel group entered and connected with her over the next 45 minutes. Throughout, our minds, hers and mine, remained in tandem, and information flowed back and forth like waves on the beach. I was reminded of her revelation to me on my last visit, that there was an interdimensional portal within this shrine. As I thought about this (aware that her attention was continually monitoring my thoughts,) I suddenly felt her amusement once again.

Then I realized that her statue, in black granite, seven feet tall, the sun disc on her leonine head, is the portal. The image itself is the doorway through which she can access this physical world here, and through which we as inspired visionaries can access the transpersonal worlds there in expanded states of awareness.

In those moments I also learned from her directly that she is the primordial femininity in both polarities—the destroyer on the one hand and the matrix of creation on the other, the fiery daughter of Ra, the sun… and the goddess who works with time.

And I understood why the archetypal forces choose to inhabit certain objects or places. On the one hand, these objects can and do serve as doorways for both the transpersonals as well as those initiates who know how to open them. On the other, they can serve as centers through which these transpersonal beings can exert attractor patterns that may affect or draw certain humans who are ready to come into relationship.

I stared into her black stones eyes and thought about my encounter with Isis the day before. ‘One of my daughters,’ came the response.

As members of our travel group took flash photographs, her thoughts again became amused. ‘Light-bearers…’ came her thought.

I asked about her relationship with time. Her response conveyed to me that I was also in a primary relationship with time through my visionary connections with my once and future descendant Nainoa (this relationship is recorded in my Spiritwalker trilogy) and through my paleontological research with our fossil precursors in the remote past many millions of years ago (this relationship is recorded in my scientific papers and monographs).

‘Yes…’ came the thought. ‘You and your descendant are time-masters in training. You both are working with time, and I will continue to help you in this capacity as I have in the past.’

‘And have we been in relationship in the past?’ I asked. Her amusement returned. ‘Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answer?’

That put me in my place. Chastened, I asked one more question. ‘Will you continue to mentor me and assist me with my work when there is need?’

‘Most decidedly.’

This strange dialogue continued within my mind until all of our group had paid their respects and only I remained in the shrine.

I approached her then and placed my hands on her. Then I bowed my head until my face was pressed against her breasts and I accessed my power, those high frequency brain wave states I have written about. At their highest intensity, shaking uncontrollably, I shared this power with her, then turned up my face and breathed into her face once again. In response, her lion breath flowed down across me like the desert wind, infusing my entire body with her essence and her fierce compassion.

In this way we shared energy and essence with each other… then I stepped back and bowed to her one last time, offering her my love. As I left the shrine, I was still powerfully altered and remained so for the rest of the day. In response, I had no desire to eat when we went to a wonderful restaurant on the Nile some hours later before flying back to Cairo.

There is a wonderful photograph of Sekhmet in her shrine at Karnak on PART 1 of this report and also posted on our website for you to see. Go to www.sharedwisdom.com and click on the archives, then watch the slide show. Pause the show when she comes up and utilizing whatever meditative techniques work for you, connect with her. Take notes. Return often. Our gift to you.

Until next time, allow me to invoke the spirit of Chief Hale Makua, my great Hawaiian friend… and with his blessing (and his words), I extend to each of you the Light and the Love of the Ancestors, The Source of Life, rejoicing in the Power and the Peace, braided with the cords of Patience, revealing the tapestry of the strongest force in the Universe… your Aloha.

With warm thoughts—Dr Hank



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