Another Encounter with Sekhmet ... in Egypt
with anthropologist Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

About a year ago, we shared with you an account of Hank Wesselman’s connection with one of those transpersonal forces he often writes about, in this case the goddess Sekhmet. His initial encounter took place in January of 2003 (click here to read the first essay of his Encounter with Sekhmet).   The following report is from Dr. Wesselman’s recent 2008 Prophets Conference Shamanic Sojourn to Egypt.

Details on the 1-12 December 2009 Shamanic Sojourn to Egypt with Hank Wesselman, Ph.D. are posted to www.greatmystery.org/events/egyptSW.html

Sekhmet — at the shrine of Ptah--Karnak
Photo by 2008 participant Jim Elferdink

Another Encounter with Sekhmet … in Egypt
with anthropologist Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

We’re not talking about our organized religions here in which our priesthoods and scriptures demand the worship of and our deference to some monotheistic father figure in the sky. That’s a mythic belief system, and an archaic one at that.

We’re talking about authentic transpersonal experience of the subtle and causal worlds in which we may come into relationship with the ‘organizing intelligences’ that exist there and are real. But how those forces are experienced appears to be determined by how we, as individuals, are set up psychologically.

When we consider the societal games that we all seem to be playing with each other on an ongoing basis, it could be observed that many if not most of us are anchored in the negative polarity. We may proclaim that we are not… we may say that we are compassionate beings devoted to the greater good, that we pray to God in our church or synagogue or mosque… and yet if we achieve success at the expense of others failure, if we injure others with our words or deeds or thoughts, if we operate through competition or coercion, zeal or deception, we are most definitely in the negative polarity.

If on the other hand, we deal with our family members, friends and co-workers through cooperation, persuasion, with compassion and authenticity, our anchor is in the positive polarity. This ‘law of polarity’ is most important because the archetypal forces do not judge us. They simply exist in the spiritual realms and express themselves through us, in the process amplifying whoever and whatever we are… as well as what we are becoming.

And since we live in a world in which the dominant emotion is fear, a world in which violence is presented to us as entertainment, whether through endless meaningless sporting events (essentially gladiatorial games) or through Hollywood films and television shows focused within the dark side of human nature, it is not too difficult to see how these mini-and macro-epics reinforce that negative polarity in which our anchor rests.

This reveals that the archetypal forces essentially expand our experience of whatever polarity we inhabit. It’s all about learning our lessons.

Over the past six years, the archetypal force called Sekhmet has come to me many times during the shamanic healing rituals that I facilitate in each workshop. And I always perceive her as the black leonine woman who exudes qualities of fierce compassion and dark grace… the warrior as healer.

So—as we once again approached the shrine of Ptah in Karnak on December 10 of 2008, I was filled with anticipation of a reunion with Sekhmet.

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