Part 2

More Thoughts from the Trail—About the Christos
by Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

Continued from PART 1

It is in this way that we may raise our personal and collective anchor, lifting it out of the negative polarity and replanting it into the positive. And this is long overdue.

The question now arises: Are you, the reader, ready to do this??

Many may say that they are, but in my ongoing workshops with members of the transformational community, I perceive that many are not. The requirement is that you become an adventurer and be ready to jump ship, abandon everything that you have counted upon as real and meaningful, and engage in an adventurous quest into the unknown.

This is about change, and the Law of Evolution states that everything changes. No escape, no denial, no religious doctrine or dogma or social drama will reverse this law. Everything changes, and you, the reader, are changing even as you read this column.

But what does this mean for all of us here in the world of illusion, trapped in the world of entertainment and television and endless, meaningless sporting events whose sole purpose is to distract us. As long as we are so distracted, will most of us ever find out who we are, what we are doing here and what this whole thing is all about?

And THAT is a question worth considering. But are you, the reader, willing to do this? Are you willing to relinquish all that Western culture has handed out to you as valuable and branded as worthy, even desirable, and embark on the spiritual quest?

Here for our consideration is a testimonial to one such hero. In 2004, a Canadian Anglican theologian and priest named Tom Harpur published a book titled The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light. It became an instant best-seller in Canada.

In this exceptional book, Harpur reveals, with extensive notes as well as exceptional and intensive scholarship that extends back to the First Century AD, that the central Christos myth, which in its many different forms lies at the heart of every religion, both ancient and modern, firmly establishes that the single theme (in fact the central teaching) of all religion is the incarnation of the divine into the human.

Furthermore, while the sun is the source (and thus the literal creator) of all that is in our solar system, it is also by its light alone that we are able to know and see everything that exists. Therefore, it was a natural symbol in antiquity for the ultimate being... for God.

Thus the radiant figure of the Sun God, who represented at the same time both the divine and also humanity divinitized, was at the core of the Christ mythos in ancient times, from Hercules in Greece to Horus in Egypt, and of course Jesus of Nazareth. Through these symbolic archetypes, humanity could see pictured their own history, their destiny, and their eventual conversion into gods—into beings of light.

And the myth? Isis, the ancient Egyptian goddess and archetypal symbolic manifestation of love, had another name four thousand years ago—the name ‘Mery’… that means ‘beloved.’ And her son Horus who was and is the pagan Christ… his other name was Iusa (Yesua)… In fact, Horus was and is the archetype, the pagan Christ who is the source of the Christos myth in Christianity.

Harpur reiterates a fact well known to mythologists everywhere—that a myth is a fictional story that was never intended to be mistaken as fact, and yet within every myth are stories that embody timeless truths that are real. Even children can understand this.

In his book, Harpur reveals how the Christos myth that permeates the often error filled accounts of the apostles was borrowed part and parcel from the Egyptian mystery teachings of 2000 years before the time that the historical Jesus was purported to have lived. History’s analysis of Paul’s ‘story,’ for example, reveals it to be so riddled with factual and geographic errors that it is doubtful he was ever in the Holy Land.

Harpur, backed up by relentless scholarship, presents the evidence that the theologians of the early church took the central story of the Christos, what was always supposed to be understood as a myth, and created a figurative flesh and blood Jesus—an embodied hybrid god-human on Earth for the common people to believe in as a messiah.

Harpur also describes this political act as ‘the shadow of the Third Century,’ and once the church had adopted the Christ myth from the Egyptians, they did everything they could to stamp out any evidence of their mythos’ pagan roots including the extensive works of the Second Century theologian Origen that were burned in their entirety.

Tom Harpur has done all our researching for us—revealing the entire amazing account for us to marvel at and absorb. Of course, part of the conclusions of his book that some readers may find disturbing is that it is highly doubtful that a flesh and blood Jesus ever lived. The entire story of Jesus, from his immaculate conception, his birth in the manger, the reverence of the three kings right up to his sacrifice at the end, was and is a reworking of the myth of Horus of Egypt.

But the myth itself, correctly understood, reveals that the Christos is the name given to the incarnate presence of God within us, and that the Christos, known by many names in many cultures, is present within all humanity as its common spiritual property.

Understanding this and accepting it is the key that will open the doorway in our hearts and release the potential power of the Christos that resides there within each one of us. By doing so, everyone will realize their innate divine nature and their own spiritual power.

It is through our personal awareness of this extraordinary fact that the Christos, the Christ force may be unleashed to spiritualize our own nature. By doing so, each of us becomes a fragment of ‘God’ with the divine potential to eventually become gods ourselves.

Unfortunately none of our monotheistic traditions—Judaism, Christianity in the Western tradition, nor Islam affirms this progression, although the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition does. (Please see my column for 6/08 on Deity Mysticism in the Meta Arts Archives.)

At the risk of descending into prophesy, allow me to observe that this is why a new religion is taking form in our time—a new mystical tradition that embodies a more expanded level of awareness that, in turn, is generating a new perception of our ‘self’, as well as a new sense of how reality is put together, providing us with a new upgraded perception of who we are, what we are doing here, and what our destiny as souls traveling across eternity will be.

The fact is that each one of us in every culture, in every religion, and at every level of society, embodies the Christos—the seed of light that was planted within us by our god-self—our oversoul or spiritual higher self--when we drew our first breath. And it will remain within us until we release our last breath at life’s end.

Perhaps the time has come for us to begin to accept this and to think thoughts, feel feelings, say words, engage in relationships and live our lives as though we are embodied ‘gods in training.’

That said, until next month, allow me to invoke the spirit of Hale Makua, my great Hawaiian friend… and with his blessing (and his words), I extend to each of you the Light and the Love of the Ancestors, The Source of Life, rejoicing in the Power and the Peace, braided with the cords of Patience, revealing the tapestry of the strongest force in the Universe... your Aloha.

With warm thoughts—Dr Hank

Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

Reprinted from Meta Arts Magazine

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