A Few Reflections on Orbs in Glastonbury

Hi Robin and Cody
A big heartfelt thank you for organising this important event. The conference far exceeded our expectations and we were very impressed with the calibre of speakers. We have taken pictures of orbs for many years and we are aware of their conscious intelligence. The overriding message for us as we left the conference was to work more deeply with the orbs to help assist the Great Change taking place now.
Much love & deep peace
Bea Martin & David Johnson

Cody Johnson welcoming the group to Orbs: Interacting with Other Realms Prophets Conference Glastonbury, photo by Michael Brant

Dear Cody and Robin,
It is with grateful thanks that I reply to your e-mail, I found the whole weekend emotional and inspiring, I came away with a greater understanding of where we come from and the reason why we are here. The spirit world are very patient and are waiting for our development into an acceptance of them and for this reason they are coming ever nearer to us, so that we can feel and see them. The veil is definitely lifting. In these troubled times, they need our help as we need there's. I found particularly Miceal Ledwith's lecture most interesting and enlightening. that is not to say that his interpretation is better than anyone else's but for me personally I found it hit my heart and made me cry.
The night I came home from the conference, I told my partner about my experiences and how I was so much happier knowing that they are so near to us. While we were speaking my partner said that he is sure there is a presence in the room and that it was behind him in the corner. I got my digital camera and took several pictures, and there in one of them just as he had said, was an orb over and above his head. Isn't that fantastic!? I shall send some of my pictures to you when I can master how to do it.
Please keep up the good work, and I look forward to joining you again at some future date.
With Love and Light
Anne x

Pre-conference tour with William Bloom, Freddy Silva, and Jude Currivan
In front of Orb sculpture at Salisbury Cathedral, photo by Freddy Silva

Dear Robin
Just a quick note to say a very very LARGE thank you for the incredible conference in Glastonbury. I had not fully understood the nature of orbs and was humbly surprised to learn so much from Miceal and Klaus. It was fantastic to realise that the energies I have been seeing and working with to heal self and others over the last two decades fit into this category.
So much love to you and so many best wishes,
Susie Anthony

Dear Robin,
Again, I can´t thank you enough for all you and Cody have done to provide experiences like Glastonbury for us. The conference was quite amazing; I wouldn´t have missed it for anything! Ever since returning home, I´ve been having some amazing "learning" it continues to be healing and spiritually rewarding for me. THANK YOU! I know what a lot of hard work it is to do what you´ve done all these years. You have truly been changing a whole lot of lives because of your vision and commitment.
Love and Light,
Sandy Underwood

Glastonbury at night, photo by Sandra Underwood

Dear Cody and Robin,
Thank you, thank you for a wonderful experience which I will never forget. The whole tour and the conference was fun, interesting, spiritual, and more than I had hoped for. I was surprised when I heard it was your 41st event because you both seemed fresh as lambs, full of excitement and wonder, which I think transfered to all of us on the tour. I look forward to visiting the website page you are creating for us, because all the people from all over the world at the conference were really great caring people. Each and every speaker, and tour leader, was so infused with love for their subject that it was completely interesting.
Thank you again,

Thank you Robin and Cody! Yes, eye opening and personally transformative says it all. A few photos from the Conference attached.
Love and Light
Annette De Saulles

Walking into a crop circle with Freddy Silva and Jude Currivan
after toning in West Kennet Longburrow at Avebury, photo by Joyce Richey

Dearest Robin and Cody,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I had such a very wonderful time wit all of you and have returned to Cape Town feeling refreshed and so grateful for this opportunity. I´m still integrating much of what was experienced and am booked to give four talks and presentations in the next month or so.
I trust that you are well and that you too have some time to relax and bask in the fact that all went extremely well. Please give my thanks to all who contributed to this special tour and conference.
I have included a few pics which may also bring you smiles.
Bless you and your whole team.
Much love,
Fiona (Almeleh)

Hello Cody: The pleasure was all mine and I thank you for your personal warmth and friendliness towards me and your efforts in organizing this magnificent and successful event. Greetings and blessings from Israel. Leon

Thank you Cody.
What a wonderful conference!
I vowed to take photos on a regular basis as Miceal recommends and have had success. I only took a few pics at the conference (no battery charger) but got orbs there too! Gisela who was with me in Glastonbury got a (horrible) photo of me with an orb by my right ear. I thought of how Freddy Silva said he got commands from a voice to take photos, always in his right ear. So now that I know that the spirit is right there by my ear I just have to learn to hear what it is saying.
I have been thrilled to listen to archived talks on your website. They are of such great quality, I have been feasting on them.
Look forward to seeing the photos from the other participants.
Hello to Robin

Dear Robin and Cody,
My son Kevin Jarvis who lives in Plympton Devon, ( I live in Spain), asked me if he could come to the Conference with me. Of course I was delighted that he came. Having found Christianity unimpressive but believed in prayer, he was on a journey to find something which he could believe in. He found Micael Ledwith in particular someone with whom he could connect and of course has bought his book.
I gave a talk of the Conference at a small group at our Spiritual Cafe last Wednesday and they were enchanted and eager to try to find the orbs in their cameras.
So a big big Thank you to you both for arranging this wonderful event, and I hope to see you both at some time in the not too far distant future.
Love and blessings,

Cody & Robin - I just had a wonderful time at the Glastonbury conference - my eyes were opened. I am so hoping to get to more conferences. Waiting for details about the Hopi trip in May.
Lots of love to both of you,
Barbara Cole (UK)

Tony White bringing the group into a centered coherence before the next presentation - photo by Akasha Skaldeman

Cody & Robin: Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Not all of the pictures have orbs in them, but thought you might want to see Glastonbury from the eyes of another. Enjoyed myself to the max...was my first trip to the UK and would like to return when I can spend more time. Looking forward to another adventure in the future. My family has become very interested and I will be sharing all the books I brought home. My sister is a photographer and is finding orbs in past pictures when neither one of us knew what they were. Thanks again, Blessings, Debra Lynn near Aspen CO USA
You're invited to view these photos online - just click on View Photos

First of all I want to thank you for the recent Orb Conference. It was so nice to meet so many wonderful and friendly people who believe as I do and have the desire to keep on learning.
Joyce Richey
Joyce has posted some wonderful video clips from the conference on her site at: (scroll down toward the bottom of the page) plus 2 Photo Albums of the conference from Joyce and Patti

Hi Robin and Cody, the conference was amazing, life changing, moving and inspiring. Thank you for all the hard work you and the others put into the conference. Best wishes, Hazel Kidd

Jude Currivan leading all of us singing Imagine
Listen and watch on YouTube

Listen for free to the interview on Glastonbury Radio with host John Farrell along with Rosie Much
And conference guests Diana Cooper, Freddy Silva, Miceal Ledwith, and Klaus Heinemann

Miceal Ledwith — Miceal and Diana — Diana Cooper — Klaus Heinemann — William Bloom

DVDs and CDs from the conference are now available in our online STORE

Ross Hemsworth — Daniel Pinchbeck — Jude Currivan — Freddy Silva — John Pickering & Katie Hall
photos by Michael Brant

Special thanks goes out to all those who made the Glastonbury conference one of the best we have presented and for the significant role each one is playing in this and for furthering the exploration. Thanks to the exceptional presenters William Bloom, Diana Cooper, Jude Currivan, Miceal Ledwith, Daniel Pinchbeck, Klaus and Gundi Heinemann, John Pickering, Katie Hall, Freddie Silva, and Ross Hemsworth plus the special presentations by Fiona Almeleh, Sandra Chattaway, Peggy Weber, Robert Alcorn, and Patti McCullough. Also special appreciation to production manager Sean Trujillo, event co-coordinator Annie Tatham Mannall, David Mannall, Michael Brant with Conference Recordings, Louise Hodgson, Tony White, Martyn and Cygnus Books, Rosie Much, and the excellent staff for making this event truly wonderful. May the orbs be with you.

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