An Invitation to
A Prophets Conference Spiritual Journey to South India
co-led by Amit Goswami, Ph.D. and Uma Krishnamurthy, M.D.
15-28 January 2010



GUIDING THIS JOURNEY are quantum physicist Amit Goswami, a practitioner of spirituality and transformation who was featured in the film “What The Bleep Do We Know?!”; and renown yoga psychologist and child psychiatrist Uma Krishnamurthy, whose spiritual roots stem from being born into a family of Indian Theosophists. In addition to discussions and dialogues, Dr. Goswami will initiate us in quantum activism, a new integral (karma) yoga for re-establishing spirituality in our society. Dr. Krishnamurthy will lead experiential sessions using yogic tools such as hatha yoga practices, chanting of mantras, meditation, and classical Indian dance, allowing us to explore the realms of superconscious states.

Dear Friend,

Welcome to a sacred journey to the wonderful spiritual culture that is South India led by the two of us. The aim of the journey is to help you become aware of where your spiritual journey is going, to help you discover easy access to your spirituality, and most of all, help you manifest your spiritual potential. Mystics and yogis of India have embodied and lived spirituality with such splendor even in recent times that their lives and teachings continue as forever exciting sources of inspiration for all of us. Our spiritual journey will be centered around the visiting of the sacred abodes (called ashrams) of four such great masters: J. Krishnamurti, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Aurobindo, and Ramana Maharshi. You can read some of the details of their lives and the ashrams they left behind elsewhere in this website.

Our spiritual journey will begin with the visit to the Krishnamurti Foundation of India in Chennai. Uma Krishnamurthy, who will act as our spiritual leader, had personal encounters with many mystics including the great teacher J. Krishnamurti. Before our visit she will prepare us with her stories of those encounters and set the psychological tone of Krishnamurti's teachings. At the Foundation, you will meet Krishnamurti's associates and teachers who will further elucidate your understanding. Most of all with Uma's lead, you will be able to connect with the sacred energies of the Foundation. In Chennai, we will also visit the Ramakrishna Mission and meet renunciates of the Ramakrishna order who will discuss with us Ramakrishna's life and teachings.

In Pondicherry, we will meditate at the samadhi shrine of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother of the Aurobindo ashram. We will meditate also in the MatriMandir inspired by the Mother. In Pondicherry, you will also have the opportunity to meet the spiritual community at Auroville, a community of devotees dedicated to what Indians call Karma Yoga (yoga of service). Don't worry. Uma will give you perspectives of all these spiritual teachings in regularly held discussion sessions. And whenever possible, Amit will enlighten us with the relevance of the spiritual teachings you will encounter even in today's scientific world. (Amit will also give you scientific answers to such questions as, Is God and soul scientific? What is the scientific explanation for the special energies we feel at spiritual ashrams? What is spiritual enlightenment in scientific terms? and so forth.)

In Tiruvanamalai, we will walk the holy grounds of Ramanashram, we will meditate in the very room that the great sage meditated and taught in silence. We will climb the holy mountain of Arunachala and meditate in Ramana's cave, his abode for many years. We will listen to spiritual chanting during the special ceremony of arati and all of this will come alive when Uma, a devotee of Ramana, speaks about Ramana and his teachings in her imitable way.

In Tiruvanamalai, we will also circumambulate the holy mountain of Arunachala, a 13 km distance, but quite walkable. This is an activity that Ramana himself prescribed for spiritual seekers. For those who require it, the tour bus will be available and will follow the pedaestrians.

Other spiritual highlights of the journey will consist of visits of temples and participating in temple rituals whenever possible. These temples include the famous temples of Chidambaram and especially the Siva temple in Tiruvanamalai.

As you can see, the journey is spiritual in the main. However, we are aware that some of you will be coming to India for the first time and will be interested in the culture outside the context of spirituality. To this end we have the special plan of taking you to Kalakshetra, a teaching institution of classical Indian dance located in Chennai. To make this experience meaningful, Uma, who is a classical Indian dancer herself, will explain the symbology and the mythology of classical Indian dance in one of our discussion sessions. (Who knows? Uma may even be persuaded to dance during the journey if we can find a suitable venue.) We will also take you to a dance performance in one of the city's fine auditoriums.

Finally, we will not forget shopping; we will do that in Chennai and in Pondicherry. And of course we will not forget traditional sightseeing either. We will take you to Chidambaram and Mahabalipuram for this very purpose. In Mahabalipuram, the sculptures are famous for their depiction of the episodes of the famous epic Mahabharata. Also in Mahabalipuram as well as in Chennai, you will enjoy the relaxation that their great beaches offer.

And then there are the intangibles. We are very aware that spirituality is both personal and collective and our job is to prepare the contexts for facilitating your journey, no more.

So again. We welcome you warmly to join us in this upcoming journey. The weather will be good, the food most often great, sometimes adventuresome, the company worthwhile, the hotels comfortable.

                   Peace and love,
                   Uma Krishnamurthy
                   Amit Goswami



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