SACRED JOURNEY TO MALTA: AWAKENING THE GREAT CREATIVE MYSTERY in the Heart of the Mediterranean with Jude Currivan, Ph.D.
22-29 May 2009

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Malta and Our Collective Shift of Consciousness
Jude Currivan, Ph.D.

Our collective Shift of consciousness that is gathering pace around the world is not only a leap in awareness of our human family, but also for the living Earth - Gaia and all her children.

As our awareness is expanding, we are beginning to access the newly available energies of the universal heart, offering us compassionate insights into the schisms of our past and enabling transformational personal and planetary healing.

Just as we have held traumas in the energy field of our personal and collective emotional bodies, so has the living Earth. And so our collective journey of inner healing and re-membering also resonates throughout the energetic meridians of Gaia. As co-creative evolutionary partners, our Shift is also Hers.

Bastions of Mdina — the "Silent City"

Our sacred journey to the beautiful island of Malta, not only offers us a profound opportunity to connect with its ancient well-spring of wisdom and access the healing energies of its monumental temples, but in service, to re-activate their vortices of Earth energies to enable our highest intentions to flow throughout the planetary grid.

Not only the temples of Malta but the entire island holds the etheric memory of generosity and kindness of the ancestors. Indeed its very bedrock, a form of mellow limestone, seems to transmute light into a warm and nourishing glow, leading to Malta’s name – Melita, the island of honey.


As a nexus point of the telluric and elemental energies of Gaia, and positioned in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is now ready to radiate its re-awakening purpose to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

As more and more light workers are realizing, the island’s role is to help to heal the karmic imprint of conflict and trauma and illuminate the new resonance of peace and compassion throughout the psychic body of Gaia and so support and facilitate the Shift.

In these momentous times as we approach 2012 and at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, vast numbers of cosmic cycles are also now culminating in a sacred moment of opportunity. In our sacred journey to Malta, we welcome you to join us in attunement to the highest guidance of the universal heart to commune with the ancestors, Gaia and the multidimensional family of light in service to the fulfillment of our collective cosmic destiny.

The Grand Hotel Excelsior Lobby and Private Beach View

During our sacred journey we will delve deeply into these ancient mysteries and explore our hidden heritage that is now being revealed in these momentous times. We will experience the presence of both the divine feminine and masculine in places of power that continue to revere their cosmic partnership. And through their energetic balance we will invite the co-creative presence of the divine child to be energetically embodied within ourselves. www.greatmystery.org/events/malta09.html

DR JUDE CURRIVAN is a healer, cosmologist and international Hay House author who has walked between worlds for over fifty years. Her world-wide work combines leading-edge science, frontier research into consciousness, ancient wisdom and emerging spiritual revelation to empower others in service to our collective Shift. She has worked with the wisdom teachers of many traditions and her ongoing service of planetary healing and search for our hidden heritage and transformational destiny has taken her around the world and is shared in her award-winning book The 13th Step. www.judecurrivan.com

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