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Malta is a sacred jewel patiently waiting to be remembered.

Abundant with well preserved sacred sites and artifacts, Malta and the surrounding islands are the keepers of a secret which our ancient ancestors breathed into the geometric design of many of its temples and enclosures built from huge, weathered stones. The guardians of this precious creative planet which we call home knew that there were specific times when the higher energies of the cosmos were able to fertilize the consciousness of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Thus, in certain sites around the world, such as Malta, where the ley or energy lines meet in profusion, the ancient people aligned their temples to focus the sun’s rays at the solstices and equinoxes.

It was decreed that the secret would only be revealed when humanity reached a level of awareness, inclusive and accountable enough to fully embody the knowledge.

Now is that time as the veils between the dimensions are dissolving and we are being called to return to fulfill our destiny. To experience the mystery, we’re being asked to walk on this sacred land with an open mind and heart, innocent as doves and as wise as serpents.

And who has been watching over the precious gifts which await us in Malta?

The Great Mother Goddess who always guards the portals of consciousness and presides over any ceremony of transformation which involves death and rebirth.

It is through the face of the Virgin, the creative and intuitive energy that she whispers to us in our dreams and visions, reawakening us to our own spiritual blueprint, our soul’s destiny. Clearly she states: ‘It’s time to hear and follow the call of your heart and not your head. While your head can only tell what is already manifest your heart speaks of the unrealized potential which waits within. Have courage to follow your joy.’

It is through the aspect of the Mother, the nurturer and source of abundance that she encourages us to surrender to love. ’Who ever told you, you were unloved? I never left you, even when you believed yourself unlovable and in poverty of spirit. Surrender to my love now, embraced by the beauty and fragrance of this honey filled land called Malta. Come home to love.’

It is through the face of the dark goddess or Crone that we feel the power of the dragon energy which flows deep within the Earth, coming to the surface in sacred sites such as Malta, where the oracles lived. She entreats us to; ‘Come raise your consciousness beyond that which keeps you small and powerless, receiving my dragon fire energy which has been denied you with inaccurate teachings about hell and fear of the underworld. Release your hold on beliefs or stories which keep you trapped in an unfulfilled life and be ready to stand tall. It is through my unconditional love for you that I will help you dissolve those things that stop you being all that you are. Are you willing to own your power?’

And what is the secret that Malta offers and the reason why so many great masters have visited this land including Mary Magdalene and the high masters of the Knights Templar? This tiny island is a portal through which we can enter the 8th dimension of completion, experiencing the ultimate union between our own spirit and earthly nature, allowing us to live a fully incarnated life here on Earth, with no separation; the true meaning of infinity. Join us, if you are ready!

Christine Page, M.D.

It is said there will be a return of the feminine in 2012, portrayed in the symbols of the Virgin, the Mother, and the Crone. This emergence of the feminine inherently implies a death, or diminishing, of masculine energy. According to Dr. Christine Page, this change of tides, or shift in feminine/masculine power, can be seen as “the completion of the hero’s journey.” She shows not only how the myths of the feminine and the masculine incarnation relate to our personal journey toward 2012 and a new consciousness, but also how we can use the lessons of these symbols and myths to prepare ourselves for the coming changes.
Drawing on alchemy and mythology, Christine Page will guide us on Malta to connect with and use sacred spiritual tools to merge with the Great Mother, a spiritual transformation that allows us to expand our awareness and experience ourselves as eternal beings.

Known as a mystical physician, Dr. Christine Page was immersed in spiritual mysteries from an early age, raised amongst healers and psychics. In the search for true healing, she has over 30 years of experience in the caring professions as doctor and homeopath receiving her medical degree from London University.

Now, focusing on education, she is a gifted intuitive, mystic and alchemist, who shares her insights and knowledge through teaching, soul readings and writing. As an international speaker, she sees herself as a messenger and bridge builder between different worlds whether this includes modalities of health care or levels of consciousness. Author of 6 books, the best known being Frontiers of Health, her latest, 2012 and the Galactic Center; Return of the Great Mother was published in October 08.

Christine lives with her husband Leland, in Northern California.

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