Shapeshifting A New World Deep In The Lands Of The Maya
3 to 13 December 2009

Authors Llyn Roberts and John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) will take us on an amazing journey to the ancient Mayan sites of Palenque, Tikal, Antiqua, and Lake Atitlan, using ancient shamanic approaches to propel us to higher states of consciousness — and to experience how changing the dream can help us shapeshift not only ourselves, but the world around us.

Shapeshifting is an inherent aspect of the dance of life and of our own nature. Shapeshifting helps us live in the gaps. Throughout this tour we’ll explore how to use it consciously to help us change perspectives, reality, and experience greater wholeness.
— Llyn Roberts

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The following excerpt is from Chapter One of
Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness:
How to Heal and Transform Yourself and Our World

by Llyn Roberts (O-Books Release 2010)


What is Shapeshifting?

Described in the simplest of terms, shapeshifting is about changing from one state to another. It’s innate to us all and the calling card of nature and life. Everyone has experienced nature’s shapeshifting. Remember lying down on the grass as a child and gazing at the endlessly morphing clouds in the sky? Or watching a winter stream manifest ever changing worlds of ice and snow through the long, cold months? Or standing outside feeling the soft breezes waft against your skin only to feel the breeze suddenly shift to penetrating gusts?

We, and the world within which we live, are ever-changing, evolving and transmuting. When we take the time to really see and immerse ourselves in the natural world around us - the winds, trees, animals, stones, skies - we discover that everything is constantly changing and moving. The seasons and skies are ever altering in colour and weather patterns; the air can transform from an oppressive stillness on a hot summer’s night into a gentle breeze that gulls glide on at the ocean’s edge, and then again into powerful hurricanes that destroy homes and fell trees. Even stones appearing stationary and unyielding will over time deteriorate, crack, change colour and crumble into sand. As we are part of this natural life circle, human beings also continuously morph from one state to another. Our body changes dramatically through the course of a lifetime from birth to death - and medical science says our cells and organs continuously reconfigure as we can see when we get a cold or a virus and recover from it, or even develop life threatening dis-eases and have spontaneous remissions, rendering hopeless prognoses not so solid. Our emotions also wax and wane, yet unlike the moon they can do so with lightning speed, as do our thoughts which incessantly shift, rise and fall – in turn affecting our physiology, emotions and perception.

As a mundane example of the shifting nature of body, perceptions and feelings, try going grocery shopping sometime before you’ve had a chance to eat. You’ll be more focused on food and may pile more of it in your cart than your refrigerator can handle. Then if you stop for lunch on the way home, by the time you unpack everything on the kitchen counter you’ll wonder why you bought so much. Such is our shifting nature and the inseparability of body, emotions and mind.

Being an energy practitioner well before I began intensive work with indigenous shamanic healers, I witnessed physical shapeshifts on a routine basis. Eye conditions were remedied after one session, back problems that no medical or chiropractic intervention could cure were reversed in one treatment, women receiving energy care simultaneously with radiation for breast cancer treatment suffered no skin burns, ear infections in infants disappeared never to return, and so on. This isn’t to say that every healing session resulted in spontaneous healing and certainly doesn’t discount the often complex, compelling circumstances of illness as well as its lessons, purpose and opportunities. But in beholding many afflictions that transform impulsively and effortlessly, I wondered why we view miracles so exceptionally.

Whether changing weather patterns, shifting moods and perceptions or mutable physical afflictions - it’s easy to see that although we and our reality comprise identifiable and defined forms in the tangible, physical world, we and everything in it are quite fluid. The nature and the ecstasy of life are to shift and reconfigure. Sometimes it’s a little disconcerting to recognize this is the key to shapeshifting and to creating paradigms that affirm all life on this planet. As a young person meditating for the first time I initially found the practice unsettling. I didn’t realize how busy my mind was and how my identity was held intact by very loosely strung together internal dialogue. It was shocking to sit labelling each thought as “thinking”; simply watching them all come and go. My mind was (I was!) fickle and didn’t have continuous form. This was uncomfortable until I started resting more in the gaps in between, focusing less on the thoughts themselves. This practice has helped me embrace the magic of each moment and relax into the ever changing flow of life.

Shapeshifting is an inherent aspect of the dance of life and of our own nature. Shapeshifting helps us live in the gaps. Throughout this Mayaland tour we’ll explore how to use it consciously to help us change perspectives, reality, and experience greater wholeness.

Lake Atitlan

More About Shapeshifting

We’ve seen how the notion of shapeshifting is supported by observing everything in our universe as already fluid and malleable - and how intertwined are our bodies, intentions and experience of reality. The second quality helping us transform ideas, habits, physical attributes and the world around us is oneness - that everything is connected and shares the same source.

From time immemorial aboriginal peoples across the planet have experienced life as an interwoven, alive and responsive fabric. Children grew up in such cultures knowing they were inseparable from the waters, trees, birds, winds, other people, animals, stars, past and future generations, stones and so forth. They were taught to communicate with the living intelligence of life and so nurtured health and happiness for humans and the natural world. Nature nourished them physically, through the clothing and shelter it provided them, the plants and animals they ate, the winds that purified their environment, the air that infused each breath they took, the waters that soothed and cleansed them as well as quenched their thirst, the fires that cooked their food and its heat, as well as the sun’s, that warmed them and radiated light. Beyond simply being resources, the trees, plants, earth, waters, animals, stones, celestial bodies and rivers were part of a sacred living web, a receptive mesh connecting people with all sentient life.

Demonstrating this concept in the movie I Heart Huckabees Dustin Hoffman holds a white blanket representing the unified fabric of the living energy and matter of the universe. Then Hoffman pops his fist up under the blanket in several different places, one bump of his fist in the blanket after the next showing the individuated aspects of our world – himself here, another person there, the Eiffel Tower, a hamburger, Vivian his wife, a disease, a museum, an orgasm and so on. Even though each item had its own form and location (each protrusion of Hoffman’s fist) on the fabric, each was sourced from and a part of, the one blanket. Everything is connected, all is one.

Because traditional peoples know that everything is interconnected and that all is infused with energy and power from the same source: a hunter in the Amazon can merge with the qualities of a jaguar to embody the stealth, swiftness and cunning desired to catch his prey; a healer in the high Andes can embody the traits of an active volcano, shapeshifting into the essence of the sacred mountains of his region and engulfing clients in fire balls to incinerate the root of illness; a Bugi navigator in Indonesia can blend with the consciousness of a frigate bird taking imaginary flights across vast ocean expanses to chart his ship’s course; a Siberian shamanic elder can don her feathered headdress, soaring like an eagle into non-physical spiritual realms to gather power, energy and insight to help villagers recover from the impact of cultural oppression. The notion of oneness is integral to the hunter, healer, navigator or community leader accessing power from other realities and adopting the perceptions of other life forms to impact their own reality. Hence these people are intermediaries to the spiritual forces within the web of life they tap into - active participants with the cosmos and nature utilizing wisdom, power and energy that filtered through their senses, intuition and longings.

A Siberian woman I worked with long ago expressed it beautifully: Don’t be passive, let the unique energy be shared by feeling yourself as one whole. What someone teaches or could tell you isn’t as essential as what you feel and experience. Absorb wisdom and energy through your skin, mind and soul.

With practice and commitment we each can open to being conduits to natural forces, the ability to do so is innate to us all. To consciously shapeshift we direct our intention to alter energy and form. Energy includes thoughts, and emotions as well as the underlying spiritual blueprint or subtle force-field of anything existing in the material world. Form is anything we perceive as solid, physical or material, for example our bodies, buildings, cars, the earth, elements and so forth. Yet form can also refer to institutions, governments, behaviours, organized religions or any structure constellating itself in a defined way. In journeying through these pages you’ll see form and energy as ultimately inseparable.

Directing intention to alter energy and form means more than just thinking we want to change or thinking about what we want to change. Like the shamans mentioned above, it requires us to engage body, heart and imagination to take on the qualities of what we desire or want to be plausible. Have you ever wanted something so intently you could almost smell, taste and feel it? Have you ever been so sure in your heart or deep in your gut that something would happen and although it seemed impossible, it in fact did happen? This is part of the magic of shapeshifting. In aligning the whole of who we are to another form, idea or goal, we can emulate its essence or encourage its potential. Whether animal, plant, concept, behaviour, a healthy body, new life rhythm or a global shift, what’s focused on renders its possibility.

This concept is already in use by athletes who consciously visualize their athletic performance which has proven to shapeshift the body and increase competitive edge. Studies have shown that lying down to actively imagine can be as effective a tool for conditioning the body as running a marathon. This tells us amazing things about the power of our imagination. This approach isn’t so different from the way Einstein and others have throughout history used their imaginative powers in a method coined a thought experiment to gain insight into unresolved theories. You’ll find many such accounts in Martin Cohen’s book Wittgenstein’s Beetle and Other Classic Thought Experiments. One might wonder why we in modern societies so readily admire the un-orthodox approaches of great scientists, artists and so on, yet are so slow to integrate such wisdom into our daily lives.

That everything in our world is continuously shifting, changing, part of one fabric and arising from the same source opens us to the realm of the shapeshifter. In knowing that shapeshifting is possible, we can engage body, heart and imagination to shape what aspect of our reality we focus on.


Journey with Llyn Roberts 3-13 December 2009
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