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John Perkins is best known for his expositions in his bestselling book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. But there is a great deal more for us to learn from Perkins and his relationships with indigenous teachers from around the world.

Along with acclaimed teaching partner Llyn Roberts, Perkins will be leading us on a path with knowledge and heart into the ancient Maya lands of Southern Mexico and Guatemala. Here within the ancient living temples we will learn and practice shapeshifting reality.

Expedition Information: www.greatmystery.org/events/maya09.htm

Much of what we will learn and practice with Perkins and Roberts will utilize visualizations and how to really make them work for healing ourselves, friends, relationships, the environment, and for the highest good of all life.

As negative fear laden emotions on the planet rapidly increase, with end-of-the- world scenarios, or growing evidence of a possible massive destruction of civilization’s economic, political, and environmental structures, or of civilization itself collapsing, this builds a powerful planetary vision of negativity.

It seems obvious that we must hold the ground of caring, loving, and harmonious being. It’s up to us, all of us to come together.

But how is this to be done with so much of the so called New Age remaining stuck in narcissistic dramas and dogmas of “it’s all about me.” “When I finally get myself together I’ll be getting around to helping you. I might even help you out of the sweat lodge.” But meanwhile, “I need to manifest money or fame or sexuality, or a soul mate and be really cool and spiritual and looked up to by others and appreciated for being wonderful. Then I’ll really be there for you and the living Earth. Give me a minute, will ya?”

Okay, it’s all good, but how about it being a lot more than just you and your stuff? Instead of just that rehashed narcissism, with the same old teachers, the same old books, the same old gatherings talking about the same old stuff on how you can be special, how about really using some of the old and proven wisdom teachings to help find your genuine essence of being which is inclusive of all and everything and is powered by a Higher Mind of which you are only playing your part.

The time is drawing near for a great leap into what could best be described as multi-dimensionality and the time is now coming for us to step out of our sad narcissism and truly come together to support and love one another.

So how do we do that?

What about becoming powerful shapeshifters—creators of reality through truly learning and using ancient visualization medicine?

From John Perkins’ extraordinary book Psychonavigations we read:

“Use visualization in a positive way; be aware throughout the day of the many times you visualize and take control of these; expunge your negative visions mercilessly and concentrate on positive ones.

“We all visualize frequently. In fact, prior to doing almost anything, we visualize it. Before your hand reaches for a pencil, your mind visualizes the event. You see your hand reaching out and taking the pencil, then you do it. We have all experienced the passive movements into another stage of consciousness referred to as “day-dreaming.” Visualization, unlike daydreaming, is active. It can be controlled, and when it is, the process is highly creative.

“Not surprising, visualization is a key to psychonavigation. It does not have to include more than one of the senses; however, the more senses that are involved, the more powerful it will be. When Julio and I meditated on the slopes of Pinchincha, he taught me to incorporate smell, taste, sound, and touch into my visualizations. These lessons have proven extremely helpful during psychonavigation.

“Visualization must always be combined with a positive attitude. When confronted with a situation, some of us tend to emphasize the negative. We may have established an unfortunate pattern of visualizing outcomes that are counterproductive to our goals or interests. Once these are fixed in our minds, we may focus on them and mull them over, worrying and fretting. We may wake up in the middle of the night, overcome with anxiety and ‘stressed out.’ Our bodies, minds, and spirits can be affected. All this help reinforces and increases the momentum of the negative. Visualizing ways in which a situation may deteriorate gives energy to the negative. Ironically, we can set ourselves up, helping to assure that our worst fears will be realized.

“The best lawyers exploit such negative visualization. An attorney friend of mine once spelled this out clearly when he told me, ‘Half the battle is won the minute an adversary starts visualizing what life will be like after he loses. I’ve got him as soon as he allows the negative to invade his feelings. My first—and perhaps most important—job is to trigger his negative visions.’

“Such negatives must be swept from our minds. Expunge them mercilessly. Do not let people use you this way, and do not talk yourself into your own traps. Take control of your visualizations. See positive results that turn the negatives around. Have faith, and visualize the outcome you desire.

“Visualization can be a highly effective tool. Take control of it; use it for positive results.”

3-13 December
Authors John Perkins and Llyn Roberts will take us on an amazing journey to the ancient Mayan sites of Palenque, Tikal, Antiqua, and Lake Atitlan, using ancient shamanic approaches to propel us to higher states of consciousness — and to experience how changing the dream can help us shapeshift not only ourselves, but the world around us.

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