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Our prayer bundle
photo by Lora
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Best selling authors and shamanic practitioners John Perkins and Llyn Roberts, M.A., will guide us on an amazing journey to the ancient Mayan sites of Tikal, Antiqua, Chichicastenango, Iximche, and Lake Atitlan, using ancient shamanic shapeshifting approaches to propel us to higher states of consciousness — and to experience how expanding our own awareness can help us transform not only ourselves, but the world around us.

Full Information at greatmystery.org/events/maya2010.html

"The group was amazing and led with their hearts. The ancient sights took my breath away and left me in wonderment."
—Marjorie Bett

"The Mayan trip lives inside all of us it would appear, I am still benefiting and remembering many of the shamanic experiences and gifts. Deep connections, awesome."
—Lora Starling

Dear Friends,

The trip we led to the Maya lands of the Yucatan of Mexico and Guatemala in December 2009 was truly amazing and magical.

We visited many of the Maya's most sacred sites, including Palenque, Tikal, and Iximche. During our time in these vortex locales, we opened to energies both past and present by shamanically journeying to the magically created stone formations, to the stars, spirits and to the earth. Thus, we learned so much about our personal role in this precipice time of changes - and underwent shifts in consciousness by directly experiencing the information encoded at these sites that we absorbed beyond the mind. Our intention was always directed to global and communal levels of change, in addition to personal - and to understanding their proper interweave. This included collecting information and working energetically to address current physical imbalances of lands, communities and waters. We carried a "Prayer Bundle" throughout, a new group member each day taking responsibility to immerse the bundle in the transformational energy emitted from the sites and ceremonies.

We met with shamans and wise elders who shared with us their stories, fire ceremonies, and their interpretations of the 2012 prophecies. We crossed one of the world's Seven Sacred Lakes, Lake Atitlan, and many of us received messages from the Mayan equivalent of Buddha, known as Maximon. We formed our own tribe, each person finding his or her own rhythm that engaged the forces of the land, inner forces of healing and wakefulness. It was a deeply unconditional and loving time within which people experienced powerful personal breakthroughs. We also participated in formal Shapeshifting workshops out on the land that opened us to higher levels of consciousness. Maya elders have told us that "only those people who vibrate at higher levels of consciousness will walk the earth after 2012." We committed ourselves to vibrating at higher levels and developed practices that empower us to do so - and to live a life that brings balance to our species and to our planet.

We visited the largest indigenous market in Central America, roamed the streets of beautiful Antigua -- where colonial Spanish meets Mayan American -- watched volcanoes explode and felt very held by the sacred presence of these volcanoes whose eruptions were visible to us throughout the journey. We felt the winds of the great vortex that emit from the calderon of an extinct volcano that is now a bottomless lake and located those areas noted as the secret interdimensional passageways by shamanic elders. We also managed to stay in some wonderful haciendas and hotels and to celebrate delicious local foods and brew with the Mayas themselves. We had great fun together!

And now we look forward to another adventure into Maya land. The 2009 one was indeed magical. And it inspired us to go to the next level. The December 2010 trip will do exactly that and more. We have adjusted this journey to focus on Maya sites in ways that allow greater immersion and integration. As we grow closer to 2012 and closer too to the Maya people, we gain a deeper understanding of why we have been called to do this trip. The vibrations are increasing at cellular, as well as spiritual, levels and as we open to who we really are. The prophcies of transformation, of huge personal and global shapeshifts, are being realized. All we need to do is open and step into them.

Come, join us!

John Perkins and Llyn Roberts

Full Information at greatmystery.org/events/maya2010.html

John Perkins & Llyn Roberts
will also be presenting their exceptional work at the
2012 Tipping Point Prophets Conference Vancouver
23-27 July


Llyn Roberts, is a prominent teacher of healing and shamanism. She was introduced to the lore of 2012 in the early 80's upon learning of the parallel legend, "Shambhala", while studying Tibetan Buddhism. Then, after she and her son almost died during childbirth in 1991, starry intelligences relayed to her a profound message which she compiled into a book. The Good Remembering - A Message for Our Times (O-Books) is a compassionate, experiential guide to navigating the shifts in consciousness coinciding the time period within which we now live. Her new soon-to-be released book is Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness.

John Perkins, is former chief economist at a major international consulting firm. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and Hoodwinked and has written many books about the Maya and other indigenous cultures, including Shapeshifting, The World Is As You Dream It, Psychonavigation, and Spirit of the Shuar, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. John is one of the world’s foremost authorities on shamanism.

Trained since 1968 to bring ancient wisdom to the contemporary world, he leads tours to the Amazon, Andes, and Himalayas. He is also founder of Dream Change, a worldwide grassroots movement of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds dedicated to shifting consciousness and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

Meet Llyn and John through Dream Change

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