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The Prophets Conference Vancouver

Simon Fraser University - Burnaby Campus

Conference 23-25 JULY 2010
In-Depth Post-Conference Workshops 26-27 JULY 2010

$100 discount for early registration by 21 March - Cancun was full!
Conference Information: www.greatmystery.org/events/vancouver2012.html
Exhibitor Information: www.greatmystery.org/events/vancouver2012register.html

In order to show the parallels between the ancient teachings of the Mayan Calendar and the Hopi Prophecy, we have invited John “Eesawu” Kimmey to join us in Vancouver for the 2012: Tipping Point Conference where he will explain the Hopi Prophecy and what it means for our near future.

Those who attended the Cancun conference found in John Kimmey a heartfelt, intelligent, and warm purveyor of the ancient Hopi Prophecy.

John “Eesawu” Kimmey

According to the insight, wisdom and compassion of the elder teachers I have been privileged to study with, THIS IS IT! Yes, there are events yet to come, but now is the time to find our stations, where we will make our stands to face the increasing energy of the emerging Fifth World. It is a daunting mandate and even more so if we try it alone. This is the time for gathering together those of us with one heart. We are instructed to move forward only according to our divine guidance. And that requires recognition and validation of the source of that guidance, which is facilitated by our union as spiritual brothers and sisters. Our circle becomes an Us, greater and wiser than any one of us alone. We can trust Us when we invest our entire hearts and spirits to the communion.

Our greatest ally is our innate knowing in the form of our discernment. Discernment is a combination of our experience with Spirit, our relationships, and our knowing of ourselves. These three aspects of ourselves will be exercised through tests we all must pass in order to graduate. We will recognize the one hearteds in our lives by their adherence to these three aspects.

Our Mother Earth is now testing us. She shakes her body beneath our feet, She blows her breath mercilessly upon our homes, She burns our land furiously, and flushes out the impurities we have generated with great waters. Grandfather used to say that “the Purification will employ all four elements at once”.

This is a signal that we must regain that place in our hearts where we are Her children. We must return to our original ancestral condition of co-dependence on Her guidance. I use this world because our survival and Hers’ are now one in the same.

We will be tempted to abandon Her in the near future, by a promise of a rescue from off earth entities. Only our discernment will save us from the temptation to choose the wrong Path.

The Hopi Prophecy is 5,000 years old. It has provided proper instruction to the Hopi People providing a glimpse of over 200 events that will take place during this Fourth World. So far it has been 100% accurate.

I look forward to sharing this message to the People that was prepared for this time by the elders living 70 years ago. Use your discernment and I will meet you there.

By John Kimmey

I will always carry my first image of the Grand Canyon,
So powerful that I could not stay conscious for long,
Until I became accustomed to the sight.
My present view of the future is like that.
The abrupt escarpment under my feet
Drops down and out in all dimensions,
Leaving me perched on a surface,
That will not be here for much longer.

When I met you, dear one,
I suddenly felt a link with Spirit,
Long lingered in the darkness of alone.
I knew we were a missing piece in each others’ puzzle,
Of what now,
Where to be,
And with who?
Still at the edge your hand is now in mine.

In prayer together,
I discovered we share communion,
With the same guidance,
Mother Earth,
Father Sky,
Spirit guides,
And our great hearts.
Now vision can flow through us!

I need no longer feel overwhelmed
At the vastness of the realm beyond this edge,
Because another wing has sprouted from my back,
And I can move forward in confidence in,
And Compassion.

If there was an appropriate term to describe the lifeworks of John Kimmey it would be as a 'seedplanter.' He has an innate characteristic of a visionary/community developer, working for years with the native people of the American Southwest.

John became a student of the elders of the Hopi village of Hotevilla, Arizona and became a student and traveling companion of the late Hopi Prophet and village leader, David Monongye. At the elders' request John came to live in Hotevilla to assist them in a communication effort which reached out to the United Nations and many other world leaders.

While residing with the Hopis John was urged by the elders to return to Santa Fe and found an organization to collect and conserve native food crops of the Southwest. John founded Talavaya Center, a non-profit educational and research center which established a community seed bank of over 600 varieties of native cultivars. In 1984 Talavaya Center received the United Nations Environmental Programme Award for its successful efforts in the conservation of genetic diversity of important germplasm and the farming lore of the ancestral cultures of the Southwest.

Having received permission, John has become a foremost teacher of the Hopi Prophecy and the wisdom of the Hopi Elders which he has taught around the world and will be sharing at our 2012: Tipping Point Vancouver.

OUR PURPOSE OF THE 2012 TIPPING POINT PROPHETS CONFERENCE VANCOUVER is to explore a radically different, more optimistic interpretation of the Mayan prophecy – as referring to the end of the world as we have known it. Instead of predicting a physical destruction of the material world, the Mayan prophecy might refer to death and rebirth and a mass inner transformation of humanity. The conference brings together JOSE ARGUELLES, FLORDEMAYO, ANDREW HARVEY, BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, JOHN MAJOR JENKINS, JOHN KIMMEY, JOHN PERKINS, LLYN ROBERTS, DANIEL PINCHBECK, RICHARD TARNAS, and MIGUEL ANGEL VERGARA in the beautiful setting of Vancouver, Canada. Following the conference will be in-depth post-conference workshops.
—Cody and Robin Johnson, Founders

2012 TIPPING POINT - The Prophets Conference Vancouver
Main Conference 23-25 July 2010
Intensives 26-27 July 2010

Simon Fraser University
Burnaby Campus

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