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"We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive."
—Albert Einstein - (1879-1955) Physicist and Professor, Nobel Prize 1921

The following excerpt is from Jose Arguelles’ encounter with his dimensional double, Uncle Joe Zuvuya, from Surfers of the Zuvuya: Tales of Interdimensional Travel.

KNOW that we are the cumulative fulfillment of a wave that has been building for over 5100 years. Everyone is a time capsule. Even though it may be obvious or at all apparent to us, everything we are doing is in partial fulfillment of the planet receiving an evolutionary doctoral degree by 2012. “Ph.D. in planetary surfin’,” Uncle Joe calls it, “awarded by the waxed galactic constant surfboard of review—all sporting their Hunab Ku suntans! Hee hee hee!”

Knowing that this is what we’re going for is what Uncle Joe calls “putting the point back in your appointment book.” He says, “ask yourself: why am I doing what I am doing today? Be honest. Are you working and meeting with others to benefit others and the Earth? Or is it just to benefit yourself, to make a profit, and then get out of the office as fast as you can?”

This may sound like it is asking us to be high-minded. And it is. Because from the point of view of Earth’s passage through the beam, the critical moment has come. In fact Harmonic Convergence, in August, 1987, has come and gone. Do we know what’s happening on the planet, or what’s happening to the planet? Has anything changed?

Let’s beam in Uncle Joe to give us his perspective from the AA Midway Station. This is our chance to view ourselves from out there in the galaxy.
            “Hey, Uncle Joe, are you there?”
            “Sure am. What do you need to know?”
            “Can you fill us folks in on what’s going on with the planet since Harmonic Convergence?”

There was a pause. Then, eerily blasting through a galactic echo chamber, came Uncle Joe laughing and singing, “Wipe-out!” I could hear the 1960s rhythm section riffing away.

“Wipe-out? Is it that bad, Uncle Joe?” I asked him. In my mind’s eye I could see the whole of modern civilization, its rockets and freeways crazily careening across a fantastic beach that was twinkling with star patterns and spectral wave forms.

“Yeah, Bud, from where we see it, ‘wipe-out’ is the right word, at least for your civilization.” Uncle Joe came back from rock-n-roll heaven to a more normal tone of voice.

“To tell you the truth, Bud, it’s not good. Planet’s sick. Oh, I know there’s some moves to stop a few things like cut down on the fluorocarbons so the leak in the ozone layer won’t grow so fast, and reduce nuclear missiles, but there’s still too much greed. Don’t know if you’re gonna make it or not. What you don’t understand down there is that too much damage has already been set in motion. Be a couple of years before you see the mudpies hit the fan, but when it hits, it’ll hit hard. The days of your industrial civilization are numbered.”

“Uncle Joe, c’mon! Is that all you have to say? That’s as bad as the evening news. What about all those people who got behind Harmonic Convergence? Didn’t that do anything?”

“Well. Hard to say. But you know up here we’ve got a saying: when the light hits, the dark gets tough. Harmonic Convergence was like a light going on. Ignorance can’t stand it when a flashlight gets shined in its eyes. So it’s like the craziness is going to be getting more crazy. The people who got some of the light, they’re going crazy too. But they’ve got to hang in there. I bet a lot of them even question whether they should’ve even tried; Maybe think they’d feel better the old way. But the old way’s gone, run by moral sleazes who really aren’t even here! Stock market crashed. Economy’s flip-floppin like a fish outta water. The Earth is a-wobblin’ and a-rumblin’, greenhouse effect, quakes and all that...”

“What can they do, Uncle Joe?”

“Make life boats fast,” he giggled. “Their civilization is a sinking ship. Get together with each other and let each other know who they are and where they are. See what kind of resources they’ve got all together. You see, it’s clean up time. Earth’s getting ready to clean herself up. The people have to clean up, too. Get Honest. Be truthful. Get rid of what they don’t need. That means inside and out. Exert their highest intention and act on their integrity.”

JOSE ARGUELLES is the person who first introduced the date December 21, 2012 into mass consciousness with The Mayan Factor. The initiator of the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of 1987, Arguelles is also the founder of the annual Whole Earth Festival (1970) in California, and one of the originators of the Earth Day concept.

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The purpose of this GROUNDBREAKING conference is to explore a radically different, more optimistic interpretation of the Mayan prophecy – as referring to the end of the world as we have known it. In addition to predicting a physical destruction of the material world, the Mayan prophecy might refer to death and rebirth and a mass inner transformation of humanity. The conference brings together JOSE ARGUELLES, FLORDEMAYO, ANDREW HARVEY, BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, JOHN MAJOR JENKINS, JOHN KIMMEY, JOHN PERKINS, DANIEL PINCHBECK, LLYN ROBERTS, RICHARD TARNAS, and MIGUEL ANGEL VERGARA and in the beautiful setting of Vancouver, Canada. Following the conference will be in-depth post-conference workshops. We hope you can join us for this powerful and inspiring event.

Bringing It All Home by Richard Tarnas
The Time of Purification by John Kimmey
Time for the monkeys to move into hyperspace! by Terence McKenna
Closing Of The Cycle : The Last Days and What Is To Be Done by Jose Arguelles
Guardians of the Light by John Perkins
The Revolution that the Divine Mother is Preparing by Andrew Harvey
Reflections on John Kimmey by Hannah Janulewicz
The Dalai Lama and The Economic Hitman by John Perkins
Our Crisis Is The Birth Of A Cocreative Universal Humanity by Barbara Marx Hubbard
Our Moment in History as an Initiation for Humanity by Richard Tarnas
The Hinge Of A Transition In Our Species’ Awareness by Daniel Pinchbeck
Gazing Into The Cosmic Center December 21, 2012 by John Major Jenkins
An Alliance of Prayer, Education and Healing for Our Mother Earth by Flordemayo
2012 Planetary Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard
A Radioactive Nuisance to All Those in Power by Andrew Harvey
1000 Days to Zero Point 2012 by Jose Arguelles
The Eternal Fire of Transformation by John Major Jenkins
Planetary Whole System Design Science by Jose Arguelles
Sacred Activism and the Birth of the Divine Humanity by Andrew Harvey
Something Monumental Is Going To Happen by Mayan elder Flordemayo
This Is It by John Eesawu Kimmey
2012 and Other Indigenous Prophecies for Transformation by Llyn Roberts
How Do We Get Ready for 2012? by Barbara Marx Hubbard
It Happened In Cancun a preview for Vancouver
2012 : The Primal World Ensouled - Richard Tarnas
The True Meaning of 2012 by John Perkins

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